Delhi gang-rape case: Sridevi, Priyanka Chopra, Esha Gupta voice their distress!

Delhi gang-rape case: Sridevi, Priyanka Chopra, Esha Gupta voice their distress!

The B-town ladies have openly voiced their opinions on the brutal incident that took place in Delhi some days ago. Read on to know what they said…

Delhi gang-rape case has shaken up the entire nation. And in time such as these our B-towners aren’t the ones to keep mum. And precisely that’s the reason why they came forward with strong comments against the wrong-doers and with suggestion about what could be done next.

Sridevi (in an interview) – We should ensure that such incidents don’t not happen again and the accused should be punished.

(via Tweet) My heart goes out to the girl & her family in Delhi. Hope justice is served to the guilty of this heinous crime with a severe punishment.

Esha Gupta (in an interview) – Rape is the worst of all crimes that a man can commit. Even murder… the person is dead. But rape – you ruin another person’s life. Leave her living, but she dies inside. In my opinion, this is worse than murder. Capital punishment is too easy – rapists and molesters should be stoned in public, they must be given a slow, painful death.

Priyanka Chopra (via Facebook) – It’s so scary that an independent woman in her own country cannot take a bus without the fear of being attacked.. This is not just a crime against women.. It’s a crime against society.. With so much being said about how women need to dress appropriately or behave appropriately.. I find this whole dialogue absurd.. A woman is not raped because She’s out at night or wearing a short dress or drinking.. She’s raped cause SOMEONE bloody RAPED HER!! And there is no excuse or explanation for that!! Small men who feel powerful by taking on a young girl minding her own business?! Living her beautiful life?! Why Kind of a democracy r we living in? Where a girl can’t be all she is wants to be just out of fear if Man!! Is this India Shining?? Is this even India? Whr is the fear if the law? Of the Govt? It’s shameful!

Juhi Chawla (via Twitter) – Read the newspapers this morning & I wish I hadn’t. Read the heart rending, shocking & saddening news about the gang-rape on a Delhi bus! My heart goes out to the little girl & her family. I hope those men are found & publicly punished for this heinous act. Sometimes I wish our laws were as simple & strict as tooth for tooth & an eye for an eye. Crimes like this wouldn’t happen!

Shabana Azmi (via Twitter) – Certainty of punishment acts as deterrent Death penalty not d answer. Conviction rate in rape cases is non existent.Guarantee safety of women.

Ayesh Takia Azmi (in an interview) – Traumatic, watching news of traumatic news of brutal gang rape in delhi!!! This is truly becoming an epidemic in this country, SHAMEFUL!

Lisa Ray (in an interview) – Public outrage and debate is healthy. Wise punishment is called for. Wisdom comes from introspection and turning the gaze in.

Gul Panag (via Twitter) – Heartening to see women take to the streets. Needed, lest we forget. Of course our elected representatives remain cocooned:p.

Sophie Choudry (via Twitter) – SHAME! Takes incidents like Delhi gang-rape 4 ppl/MPs to show outrage! What about girls who r raped by family members?!Who’s protectin them?

Kareena Kapoor (in an interview) – It really should not have happened. In our country, we always take safety measures after any shocking incident happens. I definitely would like to say that getting justice in the country is really time taking. Our laws should be reassessed. Justice has to happen faster.

Huma Qureshi (via Twitter) – Rape is saying-I can violate u whenever I want. Killing rapists wnt solve nything. Respect women on an everyday basis. Stop nurturing men 2 think they r masters. Its not ok to b rude,uncouth even in seemingly small ways.In dat attitude is d seed of d problem. Or women to think that they r either 2 be put indoors, away from d male gaze nor goddesses to b put on a pedestal. Eveteasing,sex selection,domestic violence,dowry,honor killings…If u have seen ny injustice on women n been silent. YOU guilty as rapists.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Harsha

    What a shameful to been hear that our country is having such a victm and i feel soo sorry while thinking of that girl. Will women get their i safe here…

  • Vikas Kumar

    If these criminal will be given capital punishment they get red of their life, & this is not a punishment for them , As per my opinion they should be killed painfully like slow death( cut their body parts every month until death), the date of indian history will always remember what happened with those criminals & nobody think for doing the same,otherwise this will keep on happening if had action will not be taken.

  • Afamrai

    All crimes and sins can be forgiven. God forgive our sins no matter what we have done so why cant we forgive others. Those rapist can just be given severe punishment and im sure they will change later on in life and even become greater human beings. Killing them is not the right thing to do because its not as if they have commited the worst crime. Afterall, rape is a common crime and we all know that. These people that are saying they should be killed, are you more righteous than them?.. The sins you commite everyday is it not worst than rape?

    • Dr Paramjit Kaur

      Hi Afamrai, it is shocking to know that you are so forgiving and hope you will be as forgiving if you or your family member is raped and tortured as Amanat was. Please stop being a fool/hypocrite and put yourself in her tormented shoes before spewing rubbish.God put us on earth to do good deeds and that is why he gave a brain to use for free. These rapists are like rabid dogs and I strongly belief that they should be put down in a painful manner as a deterrent to other would-be-rapists.They may be destined for greatness ( more rapes perhaps)as
      suggested by you but I belief that they forfeited their right to live when they took her precious life.

  • Shehzad Shah

    If Government can send the victim to Singapore for better treatment,
    I strongly suggest they should send the accused to Saudi Arabia for better justice !!

    • K A K CHARI


  • Priya

    Please ask heroines to close they’re mouth. this all credits goes to this people.Please if you people like to do some help please please dress properly.males also human right.becoz of your dressing ,make them more tempt.Dnt spoil girls life.In previous it was not like present.but now it is even more increased.Becoz of you people dressing.People and govt couldn’t ask,becoz they’re enjoying.See if you want to make precarious,we have to correct the foundation.heroine’s dressing should have to change.shouldn’t be tempting… others



  • Usman

    Its ridiculous dat a girl has fear of being raped while going out, , , iz diz shining india ?

  • Afam

    I just feel like cutting the tongue of all these bollywood actresses that are saying those rubbish especially this priyanka chopra that feels she knows everything. I dont know what these people think of themselves. If you want to start killing rapist, start from producers and directors and camera men… These are the real rapists.

  • Zohirul Islam pear

    The Indian film and cultural position induces the turbulent situation in India.The people and the government should re-think about thier social errosion and degredation.

  • Shafiq ahmad shafiq

    Hey bollywood actors zara to sharam karo ,tum loag kaise aine mai apna gunahgar chahra har roz thekty ho afsos jo sikhate ho us pai pasheman.

  • Zubair

    Aise gunah garau ko maut se khauf Naak saza milni chaiye.