Delhi rape case: Amitabh Bachchan says he is distressed and disturbed

Delhi rape case: Amitabh Bachchan says he is distressed and disturbed

B-town celebs including Big B expressed their pain and anger on social networking sites

The rape of a five-year-old child in Delhi by her neighbour and the subsequent torture she was subjected to has just come to light, and several B-town celebrities are quite shaken by the barbaric incident. The fact that the brutal act has occurred just four months after the Nirbhaya gang rape case, it is generating anger not only amongst the public, but also amongst Bollywood stars. Amitabh Bachchan wrote on Twitter, “Have no energy left to write, think and communicate the horror of this crime!! Something is going horribly wrong with us as a society !! Prayers for the little girl as she fights for her life!! Distressed, disturbed and frustrted to learn of the rape of a 5 year old in Delhi …now fighting for her life!! A shame !!

Here’s what Big B wrote on his personal blog:

The horror of the latest crime of rape and then attempt to kill a 5 year old little girl, leaves me numb and without voice ! These evil beings are not fit to be called animals … even animals have certain codes of conduct !

What is happening to us as a society, a community ? Why and how are we succumbing to these atrocious and ghastly acts … who are these people and where do they come from .. which Mother gave birth to them, and how were they brought up … in which environment.

Jails are not the solution … keeping them bound and confined shall not change them or their thinking … they need to be made examples of … they need to be shamed first publicly and then left to the public to deal them justice in which ever way they seem fit !!

There seems to be complete vacuousness in how the situation needs to be dealt with .. no one seems to have solutions, or worse, preventions … we wait till a deed happens and then get active on how to deal with the situation … we have no mechanism to preempt a situation .. whether it be a rape or a terrorist attack …

Most security checks at public places are limited to a doorway which beeps on metal possession .. hah ! most explosive gagets are made of plastic these days, undetected by these machines … a terrorist attack on the city from the sea and then, and only then does the coastal patrol get more efficient in its weaponry and its boats, that ply about … it is after an incident happens that the aspect of the event starts getting attention …

We all are living in insecure times, where the fear of authority and the call of discipline and awareness is non existant …

We live on love and fresh air … and we hope that what befalls tragically on others, shall not befall us …May that be true for all of us … but it shall not.

Other celebs too expressed their shock at the tragic incident:

Shilpa Shetty: Appauled with the 5yr olds rape story nd disgusted with the Delhi cop who slapped that girl who protested! What is our country coming to. When will this apathy end!Time to wake up. Strict punitive action MUST be taken against these offenders at the earliest. Heartbreaking!

Pooja Bhatt: Rapists & sex offenders must be named & shamed. If victims of rape live with the trauma all their lives,should their tormenters be spared?

Anupam Kher: Sometimes, The evils of authorities are directly proportional to the tolerance and indifference of the people.

Raj Kundra: What happened to the public watching this woman being slapped in public by a civil SERVANT. Stand up for your human rights #angry #disgusted

Kunal Kohli: What is the one step our leaders have taken against terror,against rape?!

Shabana Azmi: Anger n outrage against Delhi police is justified but we need to delve deeper 2 understand why we r becoming such a misogynist sick societySubscribe to me on YouTube


  • dhananjay kumar

    I fully agree with Bachan ji that these criminals once found guilty shouldbe left with the public and let public bring them to justice. Rape us not today problem in india. Ithas been there since many decades if not many generations. But thanks to the education and awareness of our rights we are not accepting it now and now the public have decided enough is enough.
    I would like to suggest and recommend to the concerned people, authority, lawyers, government, political parties to amend the law and sentnce in the rape case. If found guilty the penis of the person involved in such henious crime should be disected. I think untill unless we do not take strong steps like this it will continue. We have to create the fear in thw mind of the people who are thinking of such crime.

    • sk

      These criminals also get lawyers to defend themselves. Lawyers like Manohar Lal Sharma, are equally responsible for such incidents.

  • anika

    Why you are distress and disturbed ? Why don`t you go to the street of Delhi ? you are very SMART .

  • anika

    Why you are distress and disturbed ? Why don`t you go to the street of Delhi ? you are very SMART .

  • anika

    Why you are distress and disturbed ? Why don`t you go to the street of Delhi ? you are very SMART .

  • ruby

    why you people are disturbed????????? bollywood is the main reason for the increasing brutal rapes. if u r really distress then why dont u make good films with good content?