Delhi rape case: Farhan Akhtar writes a poem, Akshay Kumar pens an emotional note

Delhi rape case: Farhan Akhtar writes a poem, Akshay Kumar pens an emotional note

The stars expressed their pain and anguish at the news of the rape of a five year old girl in Delhi

Farhan Akhtar, who had written a poem after the Nirbhaya rape incident a few months ago, wrote another poem today after reading the news about the latest Delhi rape case, where a five year old girl was raped by her neighbour and subsequently tortured. Here’s what the actor-filmmaker-singer, who recently started a campaign called MARD – Men Against Rape and Discrimination that aims to sensitise men and create awareness about the safety of women, wrote:

‘I see you little girl

tears in your eyes

bruises on your body

blood on your thighs.

I hear you little girl

your whimpers your cries

your silenced protest

your resonating sighs.

I feel you little girl

your pain on the rise

your trust of man in ruins

your childhood’s demise.

I understand you little girl

your rage your surprise

your confusion about the beast

in human disguise.

I stand with you little girl

to seek justice, to chastise

the devil that defiled you

i swear, will find no allies.”

Akshay Kumar, who has spend his childhood in the capital city, on the other hand, wrote a very emotional note on his blog.

What is happening to my beloved childhood city? When I read the papers this morning my chest collapsed with grief. It’s not just being a Delhiite that makes it worse, it’s being a Father that really shatters me, knowing that my worst fear in life is happening in the very city I ran around in as a child. Just thinking about what that poor 5 year old baby girl went through is gut wrenching for any parent. My heart felt prayers to the family of this beautiful girl, may she fully recover & grow to forget this horrendous incident in her life & to anyone out there who even thinks of harming any woman or child in this country, I pray your lives end before your given the chance to destroy anymore innocent lives & our country’s once humble reputation.

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  • Mohammed

    These actors are just only twitting.If they really concern with the little girls they should visit the hospital not by twitting and getting publicity. fU*ck you guys

  • Savina

    The Bollywood Stars should stand together and put a STOP to all this Delhi rape. They should voice their concerns, protest with the women and children in Delhi, make that Government see that they are standing with the victims and hang those who inflict pain on innocent children. These children are our future.