Delnaaz Irani says she is on talking terms with Rajev Paul because of Bigg Boss 6

When Delu walked out of the house, thanks to the shocking twist, she spoke whole heartedly about her relationship with Rajev…

Bigg Boss 6, a totally ‘alag che’ season, showcased the most shocking twist yesterday when Delnaaz Irani, one of the strongest contenders of the show, got evicted in a midnight and mid-week eviction. “I am shocked that I am out of the show. This is not what I had expected. I don’t know what went wrong,” Delnaaz said in an interview.

What’s more, while Delnaaz is a tad miffed with Rajev Paul’s confessions of undying love for her, she also says that it’s because of Bigg Boss 6 that they are at least on talking terms. “In fact, before the show came up, we both were not on talking terms. But today, at least after the show, I think we would share a cordial relation,” she said.

Even so, Delu is sad that Rajev has put up a false face that he wants to get her back and that he is worried about her. “Why open a closed chapter and fake it to the world that you love me?” a furious Delnaaz questioned. And she even made it clear that her relationship with Rajev is over.

Delnaaz is also of the opinion that it’s because of Rajev that she’s being called Ms Bechari and Ms Diplomatic. “Had I been a bechari, I wouldn’t have picked up the pieces of my broken marriage and started afresh,” Delnaaz said while defending herself.


So there, that’s what is going on in Delnaaz’s mind. What’s your take on this, peeps?