‘Desi Boyz’ lands in legal trouble over copyright issues

Have tussles over film scripts become the fastest road to publicity?

First Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One got into a legal tangle with television producer, Yash Patnaik who claimed that the superhero flick was his idea. As of now, the Mumbai High Court has asked the SRK to deposit Rs 10 crores as pay order before the release of the film in case the copyright has been violated. However Mushtaq Sheikh, one of the writers of the film denied the allegations. Now, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham’s Desi Boyz is the latest to land in copyright trouble. A Latur-based scriptwriter and director Shyam Devkatte alleged that the film and title belongs to him. Apparently he registered a film, Desi Boys at the Film Writers’ Association in September 2009. After the registration, Devkatte sent the script to Dhawan’s assistants but never heard back from them. Recently he watched the promos and called Dhawan to confront him, instead Devkatte was abused over the phone according to his lawyer. So he has accused Dhawan for cheating, fraud, criminal intimidation and filed for a stay order on the film’s release. As of now, makers of RA.One and Desi Boyz are still waiting for the court’s decision; meanwhile it has become a good tool to gain mileage in Bollywood. It may be a drop in the ocean for the big guys, but it surely is a sure-shot way to limelight for the small fries.