Dev Anand: The debonair gent’s signature style

The evergreen actor never changed, even at the age of 88. He was unique and his love for films was all he ever spoke of

At the age of 60, when most people call it quits and live retirement to its fullest, legendary actor Dev Anand made sure that he was always busy. The moment you think of him, you remember his clothes, his songs and his popular movies, but there is one aspect that became his signature style from the first movie he ever did: his trademark nodding head and hand-flapping gestures. Very often mimicry artists and ‘doubles’ used these signatures moves to depict him but nothing compares to the original. The debonair actor wooed his heroines with his charm, style and youthful zest. Dev Anand’s ideal way to say dialogues were another facet that set him a class apart from his contemporaries. His dialogue delivery was unique, which added to his already captivating personality as an actor onscreen. The stellar actor is no longer with us, but his distinctive and ever-charming style will always bring a smile to our faces and leave us nostalgically sighing for that movie magic that only he could make.