Dev Anand’s 89th birth anniversary special!

On the evergreen actor’s birth anniversary today (September 26) we fondly remember the film legend and present a quick quiz to check how well you know the debonair and dashing Dev Sahab

While most actors in B-town dream of leading an active life till they breathe their last, only a few like Dev Anand managed to live a productive life to the end. And in his 66-year-long career the legendary film personality tried, tested and conquered every aspect of movie making, from acting to writing, directing to producing.

As an actor he showed brilliance in films like Taxi Driver, Kala Paani, Kala Bazaar, et al. As a producer Dev Sahab made timeless classics like Hum Dono, Guide and Jewel Thief, and as a director, helmed relevant social dramas such as Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Swami Dada and Hum Naujawan.

And these films made him a legend that no Hindi movie buff will ever forget. But do you know every teeny-weeny detail of the dashing dude’s long life. Take the quiz below to find out.

Which was Dev Anand’s first film as a producer?
Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Which was Dev Anand’s last film as a director?

Who was Dev Anand’s wife?
Kalpana Kartik
Waheeda Rehman

In which year was Dev Anand awarded the Padma Bhushan?

How many films did Dev Anand make with his dearest friend Guru Dutt?

Which co-star did Dev Anand want to marry though the heroine’s family disapproved of the relationship?
Waheeda Rehman
Geeta Bali

What was the name of Dev Anand’s political party launched during the 1977 elections?
National Party Of India
Anti Congress Party
United Front of India

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