DEVON KE DEV MAHADEV: Lord Shiva to have a bachelor party?

And if what we hear is true, then it’s going to end with the groom being cursed!

Looks like producer Nikhil Sinha’s Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is determined to prove that the Gods are not serious all the time. With Shiva (Mohit Raina) and Parvati’s (Sonarika Bhadoria) wedding date finalised, it’s time for some good-natured fun.

The pre-wedding festivities are on in Mount Kailash and Parvati’s palace. One of the events planned by Narad is a bachelor party for Lord Shiva! There will be a lot of bhang flowing as He and His followers celebrate His last night of singlehood with rowdy fun. The party is actually a part of Narad’s plan to transform Shiva’s Spartan lifestyle into the ‘richer’ one of a householder. Lord Vishnu, Brahma and others want to see Shiva have a happy married life. After Kuber and Vishwakarma are unable to tempt Him with worldly goods and a huge mansion, Narad will ask for Indra’s help. However, even Indra won’t be able to convince Shiva. That’s when Vishnu reminds everyone about Durvasa, who once cursed Indra. Vishnu says that Durvasa is the only one who can convince Shiva to change His dress. Narad will then decide that he will trick Durvasa into cursing Shiva. That is what will happen too! Gan Pret will misbehave with Durvasa and the latter curses Shiva.

Don’t worry, he’ll apologise to the groom in the next episode of this Life Ok show, but it will be fun to watch, we are sure! Guess who will finally convince Shiva to dress up in all His glorious finery? Parvati, of course! When Shiva turns up at the wedding in His usual clothes, Mena will put her foot down and refuse to let the wedding happen unless He dresses for the occasion. Parvati convinces Him to do as Mena wishes. Vishnu will then take on the responsibility of ensuring Shiva complies with their wishes. The groom will arrive at the wedding venue for the second time, this time decked up like a king. But how long with the change last? And will it have the impact that Vishnu and His team want it to? Any guesses?