Dhanush: I can’t play Milkha Singh!

The actor talks about the roles he can’t play

Raanjhanaa actor Dhanush says that he is not meant for all kinds of characters.“Imagine a thin guy like me playing Milkha Singh. Also I can’t do justice to a role in which I need to play high class corporate guy,” he says. Guess only Farhan Akhtar can do that role any justice.

The actor confesses that movies are his life, but he is well aware of what he can do and what he can’t. ” I can stand comfortably in front of a movie camera, it’s my world. The moment the director says cut, I hate the fact that we have to go all fake. I can be completely honest in front of a movie camera,” he said.

Well, readers now you know what gives the South superstar a heady high…