Dhanush’s ‘Kolaveri di’ brings Mumbai to a standstill

The popular Tamil actor got a taste of stardom in the city that is prominently dominated by Bollywood. And he was pleasantly shocked with the response

It’s about four weeks since Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya and son-in-law Dhanush’s ‘Why this kolaveri di’ video went viral and became a worldwide rage. The video that is put up on YouTube, has received more than two million hits so far. Last evening, the Tamil actor Dhanush in person experienced the craze it has created among Mumbaites as he brought the economic capital of the country to a standstill for exactly five minutes. A leading tabloid organised a flash mob (suddenly a bunch of people break in a jig at a crowded location) at Churchgate station. Around 4:45 pm when Mumbaites were rushing to catch their regular trains back home, the station’s speakers blasted the popular song and Dhanush entered the station along with 300 people and began grooving to the beats of Kolaveri di. At first the commuters were perplexed but soon joined the young actor in the madness. But the show did not end there. The youth around weren’t willing to let go of the Kolaveri di singer, so the crowd moved to Oval Maidan, a playground close to the station and the madness continued out in the open. Post the jig, the Indian superstar’s son-in-law said, “I first experienced stardom eight years ago when I made it big in Tamil films. I am living it all over again in this second innings.” Good for him. After seeing his popularity in Mumbai, we won’t be too surprised if he tries to make an entry in Hindi films.