Dhoom machaley song: Will Katrina Kaif’s moves be sexier than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s?

The Boom babe has come a long way since she started and has often been compared to Salman Khan’s ex for her looks, her talent, her charisma and her dancing skills…

Katrina Kaif will launch the Dhoom machaley track from her new film Dhoom:3 today. Aamir Khan, her onscreen partner in this film will not be there, but Kat will sizzle at the event in Mumbai that will launch the anthem of the hit franchise. As in the previous films of this series, where Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Esha Deol did the sexy Dhoom machaley dance, Kat too will perform to this song. Apparently Ms Kaif underwent six weeks of rigorous training to get it down perrrrrfect!

Considering that Sheila is the Chikni chameli of B-town today, we’re sure she has managed to up the heat once again in this high energy number. Yash Raj’s favourite choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant has designed the steps and had Katrina undergo four to six hours of training every single day. Knowing Kat’s penchant for dancing and the lessons she has learned from Farah Khan, Ganesh Acharya and others, we’re sure this must have been a cakewalk for the Touch me touch me touch me babe. Will Katrina be better than Aishwarya? Now that is a question that will answered only when the song is seen this evening. Until then, watch this space to grab that fabulous first look of the latest Dhoom machaley song!