Dhoom:3 Kamli song promo: Can Katrina Kaif’s Kamli match Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Crazy kiya re?

Fri, December 6, 2013 3:40pm IST by
Katrina Kaif in Dhoom:3 song Kamli

If you ask us…not really! But we do admit that Kat has put a lot of effort into this number but, sadly, the end result isn’t impressive…

The makers of Dhoom:3 have released the promo of yet another song, this one featuring leading lady Katrina Kaif. The song is peppy, fast paced and Ms Kaif is absolutely stunning to look at. But the babe seems a bit uncomfortable doing not-so-conventional steps. Especially after all the hoopla around how she and her co-star Aamir Khan have trained so hard to get their moves right, we are kinda disappointed. On watching the video, we instantly remembered Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s solo number Crazy kiya re from Dhoom 2. The blue-eyed beauty nailed it to perfection – the look, the moves and the attitude. While Katrina’s Kamli comes quite close to Ash’s hit song, Ms K just doesn’t get there, coz the B-town beauty is trying too hard; to us, there seems to be too much aggressive strength and not enough soft feminine grace. What we really liked are the acrobatic stunts that Katrina does – KK has the technique right and does the complex and difficult moves quite easily. Watch the video and you’ll know what we mean.

As for the song and the music – it’s always a delight to hear Sunidhi Chauhan’s dumdaar and impactful voice. Pritam has done a fine job with the music, but it does sound familiar, like something we have heard often before. Who knows we may like the song and the dancer more when we watch the film in entirety.

Bollywoodlifers, now you listen to the song, watch the video and share your opinions with us right away!

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  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    what the fuck you guys are talking about, anything this sexy girl will do is bad for you, i will say fuck you this site, if you hate Katrina i think you should stop putting news about her here, in Bollywood who can dance like her, pls fuck off

    • cheater

      you are guy and still you are using girls name to comment and using abusive language .. such a shame

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    in Bollywood everybody is here to do they work so stop saying ash is better then her, what Katrina is doing now ash didn’t do, you dont have to bring someone down by saying this all the time, if deepka do something bad you see it as good, becase you no she will let you guys to fuck her for free, so you will always talk good about her, so fuck you and your site, mother fucks site

    • 1D girlz code*

      very true najat…she is doing stunts like never before…these stunts didn’t perform by any of he b-town beauty only KAT do this…and yeah JUST SHUT UP NAMRATA…!!

      • cheater

        stunts were performed by artists… so please!!! and both are working for money and not charity!!!

      • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

        i only say it as i see it, am black girl from Africa but i live in Netherlands, i love indie movies because i love them, and i think ever since i started watching indie movies i have never see any girl do what Katrina do, so i stand by her for that, she may not be 100 % good in acting but at list she always do her best, so i give her 75 % for acting, and 90 % for dancing, and 100 % for hand work

    • cheater

      Don’t say such word you katrina lover :-)

      • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

        i dont no if you no the meaning of pig, since you dont no i have to tell you, i dont no how you look but it was you mother who told me you look like a brown pig

    • desigirl424

      have you not seen Nagada Sang Dhol? That is an example of real dancing

  • viven remo

    bollywoodlife , get some life (please stop surfing this site coz it sucks)

    • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

      you are right, they only no how to talk about only one person and that is katrina kaif

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i think without katrina no body will come to their site anyway

    • cheater

      I think you will come so far I have found your 3 comment on single article ;-)

      • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

        is they anything wrong with that

    • christina_taylor

      Horrible dance move. Katrina tries too hard but her thick thighs make it hard for her to move. They are also making her wear thigh high socks to cover up her fatness. Girl got huge fat thighs

  • shany

    this site is just so jealous of katrina.. please get a life!

  • Veronica

    Kathrina can’t dance she can never match Aishwarya

  • Xara Khan

    Oh just shut up ! U have nothing else but to only to write against Katrina kaif. Are you paid by some ass holes for writing this bull shit.
    She has done a commendable job and is different from what ash did in dhoom2. Kat has her own style n did superbly. No comparison !
    If u can’t see her going to top with dhoom3 so stop watching her promos and songs ! As you are nothing but

    • christina_taylor

      Everyone admits that Katrina just can’t dance cuz she’s too aggressive with her dance moves.

  • Milana

    again you said she still copied,but you must stop to belittle katrina, you tried to belittle her but you can’t because she is fabulous and she do a very hard work aishwarya rai had perhaps beautiful eyes but katrina kaif have perfect body and aishwarya rai would never have been able to do better than katrina, me, a big fan of Katrina, I’m proud of her, I could never have believe she could have done such things, then stop now and watch her fabulous talent. Maybe you do not like her because she is British but you must stop it going too far. OF COURS KATRINA KAIF IS THE BEEEST

    • christina_taylor

      Katrina has thick thighs and she tries too hard to dance. She’s too aggressive while dancing instead of letting it take natural course! Horrible song

  • Milana

    you don’t know how to appreciate you know that criticizing

  • Milana

    she prepared his corp for 6 months to make you happy but you know that criticize her clip is really fantastic and energetic

  • Milana

    she is the best dancer, she is really sexy, i love you katrina :)

    • christina_taylor

      Katrina can’t dance, the only thing she can do is aggressively move her body to the point that viewers get uncomfortable. She’s trying too hard & is a total wannabe

  • Milana

    i looooooove this sooong

  • Dalia

    Go get a life you Miss BORING Namrata….you are a big loser and a piece of insignificant *@#$^*
    STOP critiscizing her without any reason other than jealousy…

  • Fakrata

    Namrata Thakker with her flabby body and thunder thighs must be rolling with jealousy looking at Kamli Katrina. Either that or she possesses zero grey cells in her brain. Dhoom 2 and 3 are two different products with two fabulous leading ladies. To draw comparisons is not only immature but it reeks of bias on your part. Also the dance styles are different, not that a clueless journalist will know anything about that. So keep bashing Katrina. People are loving Kamli and this year will end in a Dhoom for sure. Give your unwanted two cents by comparing the two movies after release also. Let’s see who cares :)

  • Fakrata

    So this useless, crap excuse for a ‘journalist’ gets all this from a 30 second promo. Bwaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • reem

    why r comparing katrina with Aishwarya.. >:( katcant dance.. and Aiswarya is awsome dancer.. her dance speaks the song. But kat only put efffort not result is not coming good..

    • dj

      every heroine speak song as usual it happens in bollywood but katrina put lot of hard work on dance rather than just looks. its unique n awsome.

  • 1D girlz code*

    Yes u r right najat…..gosh y don’t u understand NAMRATA have u seen aish doing acrobatic in CRAZY KIYA RE…..east or west KAT is best…..fuck uh n ur site…B!TCH

  • sonu singh

    Wah wo kamini depika jo har hero ko kiss deti hai yaha tak ki directors tak use pakar ke kiss karte hai kyu kyuki wo khudh mind nahi karti aur jaha tak baat hai katrina ka to koi mai ka laal katrina ke hardwork ki tarah khuch karke dikha de .c is the bst kat ki ek film depika ke sare films pe pani pher raha hai admit it sach karwa hota hai

  • Sasha

    Sorry- not even close- wish she would at-least change her hair style..same old stuff

  • Romeo

    If u ask us, definitely it is better than ass’ song

  • http://Handsome.com kG

    Ash is a world class beauty with serious talent where Katrina is an average looking girl who can not dance or act. Katrina s only reason for fame is because she has fair skin. Indians worship fair skin. That is it ,her sole claim to fame. Oh and also,she always fucks the right leading man for self promotion!

  • christina_taylor

    Katrina kaif is pretty but she’s too thick, her thighs are huge and she Just can’t dance. She tries dance moves with aggression and it looks awfull. Dance isn’t her thing and she should stop torturing us with aggression. Dance should have feminine approach. All the action stints and back flips are being done by a stunt lady not Katrina. Come on, you guys should know this much!

    • http://Handsome.com kG

      And she can act? She sucks as dancer and can not act. However ,she is very good in picking the right boyfriend to help her career.

  • Ambitious Falcon

    love you katrina :*

  • Vijayta Verma

    huh…. vho said ash’s crazy waz better thn this wow kamli…kat is really a very guud dancer//..n she haz given a boom in dis kamli…just look at d difficult steps she followed///hats off to d choreographer..vell stop comparing these two actresses..infact d choreographer set d steps looking at d potential of an actress..n he knows vell abt kats potential…as she is a wow dancer

  • desigirl424

    she may be a good dancer, but not better than Ash!

    • Kat’s Buff

      u seem to be DIE HARD KAT HATER,let me clear i m nt deepika hater plz

      • desigirl424

        good for you. btw, what was wrong with what i said? i called her a good dancer and its ture, but not better than ash. dont come up with your silly imagination.

  • maryah iqbal

    ovs ash is more beautiful and better dancer but kat has tierd her best to macth to ash crazy kiya re song but has failed

  • Viola DaGamba

    What boring, predictable, amateur writing. Who writes Bollywoodlife? Obviously, any monkey can complain about famous people and their successful work. Won’t return.

  • dance

    Its not about who is better. I feel dance-wise, the aishwarya song had immense beauty and grace which is lacking in the D3 song and that may be becoz ash is a naturally talented dancer whereas katrina is a trained dancer.

  • Zain Kazmi

    Katrina in Dhoom 3 was looking masculine with her height , long legs , expressions , whereas Aish looked the sexiest and beautiful in Dhoom 2 even after giving a birth to her own daughter Aaradhya Bachchan, Aish still has the same beauty and hotness that she could give a run to Katrina Kaif for her money . A Die hard Aishwarya Rai fan.