Dhoom:3 movie review: Aamir Khan nails it as a baddie!

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Dhoom:3 movie review: Aamir Khan nails it as a baddie!

The third installment of the Dhoom franchise has only got better…

Let’s get straight to the point. Dhoom:3 works for me big time and here’s why – very rarely do you come across Hindi films that marry form and content so beautifully. Dhoom:3 is ultra cool, but beneath the sheen there’s substance. The third installment has got better in terms of action and stunts. Dhoom:3 is a hi-octane thriller and the thrills, stunts and pace — vital for any thriller to strike a chord — are sure to keep you on the edge from scene A to Z.

Set in Chicago, the film is a visual delight. The film makes your jaw drop to your knees courtesy the sweeping impact it makes. So what’s the story? It all begins in December 1990. Great Indian Circus in Chicago is mortgaged at the Western Chicago Bank. Circus owner Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) has perfected the magic trick of wooing the bankers but loses the bait unfortunately – and Iqbal kills himself. Why? He fails to save his circus from his debtors. Years later, Iqbal’s son – Sahir (Aamir Khan) plans revenge against the Western Chicago Bank that helped to ruin his father, and robs it. As every Dhoom fan will know, a thief must have a unique identity. While John Abraham delivered pizza, Hrithik Roshan left a symbol of ‘A’ at the scene of each robbery. Aamir leaves behind a joker mask and writes ‘Bank waalon, tumhaari aisi ki taisi‘ on the wall. With the stolen money, Sahir manages to start up the circus once again. Since the thief is an Indian, the Bombay Police is summoned and links are found between Iqbal’s son Sahir’s involvement in the robbery. Will Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali(Uday Chopra) will stop Sahir who is determined to seek revenge and destroy the bank for life is the story of Dhoom:3.

It takes a while for the plot to be revealed. Luckily Vijay Krishna Acharya, the writer and director of Dhoom:3 has packed in ample suspense and lots of action to keep your interest latched to the screen from start to finish. Kudos to him for that! We know that the franchise has always been about hardcore stunts and glamour, but this time around the makers have concentrated on story as well, thankfully.

And the performances add to the package. There is no doubt that Aamir Khan plays a very convincing baddie, but there is a big secret to his character which won’t be fun to reveal. So let’s just talk less about his character. Sadly, Katrina Kaif doesn’t have a strong role like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did in Dhoom:2. Kat is in the film just to add glamour and not much else, though she does look dazzling and is fabulous with her dance and acrobatics. Abhishek Bachchan has always been good as Jai Dixit and he continues to be in Dhoom:3. Uday Chopra, like always, adds the comic element and is good fun to watch, in small doses. Any Dhoom film without his Ali would be like a Bollywood movie without an item number. Pritam could have done a better job with the music – the songs were way better in the previous editions. And one factor that could work against Dhoom:3 – it was rather longer than it needed to be.

If you liked Dhoom and Dhoom:2 then you would not want to miss Dhoom:3. Just stop whatever you are doing, grab a bucket of popcorn and go watch the film – if nothing else, for the sake of the suspense and stunts it has.

Rating: 3.5 out of 53.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Vinod Talreja

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • Mahady Hasan
  • Sreenath Parappurath

    Cant wait to watch .. !!! Minimum two times…

  • Sachin Kadam

    Don’t use logic and sense….u
    will definitely enjoy the movie ..good suspense , its great performance
    by Aamir. Worth watching….Paisa vasooll & full time pass.

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i dont care if Katrina have full past or not, without her the film will not be film, you guys should stop this amateur attitude against her, they were all team, you fools

    • anne

      Instead of Katrina Kaif , somebody else should have been there.

      • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

        i dont get you

  • Milka

    Katrina you are the best girl. =)))

  • fireon

    Read Dhoom Review –


  • manga


  • manga

    i dont wanna see the movie

  • manga

    its waste of time

  • manga

    do some usefull business

  • anas khan

    Superb movie superbb no words to say

  • anas khan

    Aamir khan ur my heri

  • anas khan

    Superb effort by vijay krishna achariya

  • Srinivas Dharwadkar

    Mr. Talreja, not sure how much were
    you paid to write such a review about the very ordinary Movie! Dhoom3 is nowhere
    close to the Trademark set by the Dhoom franchise in 1 & 2. It lags and
    there are too many, infact many many slow motion shots which make you
    yawn….very soon there will be yawn sambandh among audiences :-) In a
    scene, Aamir tells katrina to perform for 5 minutes during which his eyes
    should not stray away from her. But trust me throughout the movie there were
    many scenes when I felt I have to take a break but the high cost for the ticket
    made me sit back….was expecting a lot…may be thats why I could not enjoy
    the movie….I am sure Katrina received her remuneration only as guest
    appearance (like Jackie Shroff). Only good thing about movie is that it is a
    visual treat…the camera work was too good (slow motion shots could have been
    avoided). cop car crash scene..you will wonder where was the camera placed!!!

  • Zeeshan Sayyed Attari

    Dhoom 3 is an Awesome Movie Gr8 Fun ,nice stunt,Superb Story Over all Super Duper Recoed Tod Movie

  • Nicka

    Aamir looks quite stupid trying to pretend a cool guy. For such a film there should be someone like Hrithik – sexy and handsome. And opposite Katrine Aamir looks like an old dwarf! And who gave him this hat? It’s out of fashion 100 years ago :) TERRIBLE! The worst Dhoom of all 3.

    • nadeem khatimiti

      Simply sayng don’t take on heart:
      bandar kya Jane adrak ka swad.
      all time hit amir.

      • Nicka

        well, Dhoom is definitely not for Aamir – he is old for such things and it’s obvious on big screens, he is short for Katrina, and he has no charisma to look like a cool guy :) ))) Maybe in India people keep loyalty to actors no matter what, but he is bad, really bad for this film.

        • nadeem khatimiti

          Say whatever wanna say dhoom3 amir Ki h.
          he iz Mr. Perfect of bollywood & alwyz.
          film is so good & record breaking film. Don’t worry amir goes on…..

          • Nicka

            Records lately mean just one thing – people prefer stupid movies to intellectual and (or) serious. And even your favourite Aamir does such movies now. You can support him doing it and he’ll continue till become another Salman with his eternal dabanggs or you can admit that better he’d done movies like Rang de basanti so you can respect your favourite actor.

    • addy

      aamir khan looks superrrrrrbbbb and movie is a to z entertain u

      • Nicka

        The movie didn’t entertain me even a bit, it has no common sense at all :) )))) poor Americans! How could they live without brave Indian cops saving them :) )))))))))))))))) a stupid plot, the worst choice for the leading actor, and special effects are easy to notice. It’s a really bad movie even for entertainment.

        • sdgsdhrhe

          no one fukin cares what you think, if you didnt like it it doesnt mean everyone else did not either

          • Nicka

            Oh yes, everyone cares about what you think ))))))))))))))))
            P.S. You’ve shown your level using “f” word meaning you have no arguments at all, so, yep, no wonder Dhoom3 is quite good movie for you

          • heh

            awww.. r u mad tat at age 50 hes doing wat he can?

          • Nicka

            I think he is mad doing roles for young guys. For his 50 he’s not bad, no doubts, in good shape and all that. But for this role he is old (even in his good shape), he’d better play dads, but not cool guys :) )))) Dhoom3 and what’s next? Batman? :) He looks like Katrina’s father :) One should be mad not realising this fact.

          • Anil

            Why on earth you hv u gone to watch the film, when all your comments have been nasty and biased about the film and the hero Amir Khan, who has performed acted and looked his Charectar to a T. It was a fun watch and edge of the seat thriller, we enjoyed it and give it a 4 star out of 5

          • Nicka

            Why on earth? )))))))) A very simple answer – how can a person know if he/she likes a film without watching it? :) ))))) I loved Dhoom 2, hoped it would have been the same with Dhoom3, but nope.

          • anne

            what’s ur problem, Nicka? if u don’t like the movie, let it be! nobody bothers! it seems u ve something against a certain actor. we find Amir superb. y on earth u always think of somebody’s age? ur personality has no depth, where ever u re living in this world. grow up instead of gossiping!!

          • Nicka

            Oh, you loved Dhoom3 so your personality is very deep :) )))) Read yourself. Like 5 y.o. kid :) ))) People are not obliged to like every stupid film just because some superstars do them. You have problems with someone having a different opinion calling it a gossip just because you have another one? It seems here not me having a problem then :)

          • Anil

            All films kant be to your likes n dislikes. What you loathed others hv enjoyed. Anyways a lot of effort times and money goes to make a film, not to forget the risqué factor, so sit back and enjoy and leave your brains at home for sheer entertainment

          • Nicka

            And? You liked the movie, I disliked the movie, why should I leave the brains somewhere? :) ))))))) Or is Aamir someone like the one who must not be named? :) )))) So here you want to read only positive comments? People have different opinions and they write them.

  • Richu Titus

    Possibly one of the best movies I have ever seen! I could not take my eyes of the screen for a second, every scene was necessary and perfectly timed. Everyone looked amazing and Malang was amazing. Fabulous movie! All the hype around this movie definitely did not go to waist.

    • vishal


  • addy

    I love this movie paisa vasool aamir khan is number one…. movie of the year do watch this movie it is awesome

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    you guys back off

  • somu

    sorry i dont like the movie its boring of course aamir had a wonderful job but some thing is missing but what about the abhishek ;- abhishek my advice is to dont act in any movies like that simply eat and sleep its my advise dont spoil the image of big b

  • Kaustav Roy

    Its a paid review….the movie should be renamed Hum Aapke Hain Kaun III

  • siddharth

    very pictures this is gold is five

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i don’t understand indies, even my white husband and i went and watch this movie today in Netherlands it was fun for us, so i dont no why you are saying all this nonsense, Katrina did very well

  • jayant

    It is may be 20th floor of the building and suddenly a cable rushes
    out of the window gets attached to the window of the opposite building and amir
    khan comes out on the bike riding on the cable ….dhoom …dhoom ….dhoom.

    Amir khan on the bike trapped between the bridge, police at
    both the ends ,bridge is made to spilt ,amir in a limbo, suddenly decides to
    plunge into the water along with the bike,presses a button on the bike and
    suddenly the bike gets converted into a motor boat …..dhoom…dhoom….dhoom and
    with the same button his bike turns into the bike…and rides the road with full
    speed n again dhoom ….dhoom…dhoom

    Such and many more scenes u will have to see if u at all
    decide to watch dhoom3.the movie is all about robbing and running on the bmw
    bike, the story teller does not at all care how the thief executes his plan
    rather the director is more interested to show how the thief runs after the

    One wonders how a star like amir khan who is known for his perfection
    can do such kind of foolish movie.

    Abhishek bachhan looks and acts like a dumbass as usual. uday
    chopra is useless and Katrina is harmless. music is ok, dialogues are ordinary
    and director fails due to the bad script.

    The only relief is amir khans double role and his
    spectacular acting.

    The much awaited and much hyped dhoom3 leaves u totally disappointed.one
    leaves the theater concluding the first
    instalment of dhoom to be the best.

    • Shweta

      When a script it read out to an actor, the visual image the actor gets he/she plays his/her part on basis of that. How it ultimately turns out depends on the director and somepart even goes to the editior. Aamir played his part flawless however if their were loopholes as some viewers may find it is directors part to acknowledge it.

  • Josh Brown

    What a crap movie. Why would the freak show father kill himself and orphan his kids rather than just hand the building over to the bank and find a real job to support his family? Could the writer not have come up with a better occupation that we can relate to rather than a circus clown? In a heist movie, I expect to see the heist actually being pulled off (ie showing how the thief breaks into the bank and steals the money) not just the stupid get away. And how stupid is Katrina for not realizing she is with the retarded Aamir Khan when they go on a date? Are you telling me the retarded Aamir was able to control his stuttering during the entire date? Wholly $hit!!!


      LOL AHAHA!!! this made my dayy..honestly thoo i dont understand the hype for this movie ..it was average mann!!..and wtf was katrina kaif doing in this moviee…i actually genuinally thought she had a good important role untill the movie ended…left me soo dumbfounded and WTF?!!

  • What to Say!

    Aamir is in a DOUBLE ROLE!! for those who have not watched it : SPOILER!!!!

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i don’t understand indies, even my white husband and i went and watch this movie today in Netherlands it was fun for us, so i dont no why you are saying all this nonsense, Katrina did very well

  • Ankan Basu

    DHOOM 3 is a record breaking movie, the reason is the presence of MR. PERFECT…………DHOOM 3 is good when Aamir is on screen……………..Nicka i think u r ri8……………Aamir should not have been performed in this kind of movies………but what he can do? pictures are all about the thinking of Directors…..actors has to do what they r directed…..don’t blame Aamir…….he is one of the greatest lead actor in India…….blame the stupid director for such a poor story….Aamir is no doubt the best actor in this industry…..but for the creating of record he is the SUPERMAN……….HE IS REALLY UNBEATABLE…….TRUE!