Dhoom:3 new motion poster: Katrina Kaif, Aamir Khan fail to impress!

Mon, September 30, 2013 4:15pm IST by
Dhoom:3 new motion poster: Katrina Kaif, Aamir Khan fail to impress!

The makers of the film have unveiled the new motion poster of the action flick and this time we get to see the entire cast

The new motion poster of 2013’s most awaited film Dhoom:3 is out and we aren’t highly impressed. Unlike the first motion poster where we only got a glimpse of Aamir Khan’s chiseled back, here the whole cast has been introduced. The promo has Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif and lastly Aamir Khan. As soon as the promo starts, you see Aamir Khan on his bike flying from one end of the bridge to another. Though Mr Khan isn’t visible per say, it’s easy to figure out. Then comes in Abhishek, whose look has been consistent throughout the Dhoom series and we’re quite bored of it. Uday is back into his tapoori avatar which suits him well. Coming to Kat, the babe is trying hard to look sexy and up the oomph factor, but fails to sizzle. Also, in the close-up shot, Katrina’s lips look oddly fuller and it’s hard to miss, believe us. At the very end, you see Mr Perfectionist in cowboy-meets-macho man avatar. Looks like the makers wanted to save the best for the last!

Considering the anticipation for Dhoom:3, we feel let down yet again with the new motion poster. Now we just hope the movie doesn’t turn out to be as thanda as the posters that we have been seeing!

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  • NotanotherDhoommovie!

    What a surprise! – Katrina’s lips look fuller..Really?

  • Dhoom 3 will be good

    If you are to judge any movie before it’s release by trailers, posters and music then I believe it will be suffice to say that Dhoom 3 will come out on top over Krrish 3 who everyone, including this website, seem to be fanning over. The trailer of Krrish 3 was a big let down and after seeing it I hope people realise how lucky India is to have a movie like Ra One. It’s effects were much better than what I am seeing in the Krrish trailer. Moving onto the posters, you can hardly judge a film on its poster at all as it tells you nothing about the film so even gong there shows how biased this website is being. Finally, taking Krrish 3′s music, it is pretty safe to say that the music was horrible. Yet everyone seems to be ignoring it and continuing their hype over Krrish. From what I can hear from the trailer, the music of Dhoom 3 sounds promising.

    All in all, I believe that Dhoom 3 will be more of an international blockbuster as it’s going for the more modern approach rather than what Krrish 3 is going for: a rather dated look.

  • heertu

    i don’t know what u are talking about, but they all look amazing … lately this website has been on a katrina attacking spree you are a blog u shouldn’t be biased … i am not even that big of a fan but she looks great you cannot deny that

  • khan

    quite boring,amir khan looks frightened, god knows how he wiil play the negative character…

  • rahul

    the poster looks gr8..and katrina as always the best..god knows why but this site is bashing katrina left right and center..why…lets guess…its because of katrina ‘s beauty(jealousy) or deepika’s fan

  • Arpan

    Namrata Thakker, if you are a Hrithik Roshan fan and are writing this article, then I want to tell you that the music of Krrish 3 has flopped badly! And Dhoom 3 is looking very good, way better than K3 or Chennai Express! Please start writing unbiased articles!!

    • rk

      K3 music, action and dance is much better than D3 .
      D3 is a copy of fast and furious series.

      • Sh

        Please wait 4 D3 music & other promos then comment on it

    • Sweta

      yes i agree with u

    • Ajay Chaudhary

      don’t compare Hrithik with Aamir……..

  • Titli

    The writer of this article is completely mad.The poster is shining brightly.And they all are looking very hot.

    • Sougat

      U might be saw the poster under sunlight thats why it was shinning.

  • priya

    Amir’s expression is looking so funny,and don’t like to say anything about Kat ,but there is something wrong with her lips

  • Yash

    Aamir khan’s fan ready 2 watch Dhoom 3 its gonna be to broken all records ………so don’t forget to watch this movie.

  • Sougat

    I fully agree with the above statement that whole dhoom 3 things which till came out is looking too bore and dull. Aamir is expressionless, Abhisekh is not ready to loose his weight or neither to show some muscle power or to become a new avatar. Expecting anything from Uday will be our mistake. Katrina is a well known for her beauty only. Still she did not prove her in acting secondly a raw appeal is necessary for the role she is playing but she dont have such thing. If story will not contain something very new and turn and twist then take my words Dhoom 3 will be a big flop.

    • Sweta

      for u not for the world

  • kunal

    if this poster and teaser is bad then what is good according to you…Ra.1???
    hahaha jst 1 thing to say about dis writer n tht is
    jealousy jealousy and jealousy…

  • Najaf Ali

    Boss ap great ho

  • Rahaman khan


  • ash

    Maybe Aamir refused her to give an interview or she wants to use Aamir so for her existence in her current post, but remember the old saying what comes round goes round twice as hard and if you want to make it big this way then I hope god opens your eyes soon before its too late. Free advice- by degrading someone you are never going to upgrade in your carrier. The promos are fantastic and you know that deep down your heart, admit it and become a better human being. That’s all that maters!

  • Subhash

    Amir started 100 cr club then 200cr club ,i think he shall open 300cr club with dhoom 3

  • jayantadeka

    iam your friend katrina .i lika you

  • Pankaj Shrivastava

    Dhoom 3 with A amir in negative role does not excite. A amir is not such a great actor as media publish. SRK is much better actor than a amir.