Dhoom:3 song Dhoom machale dhoom – Is Katrina Kaif aping Tata Young?

The much awaited song from Dhoom:3 is finally out but is it an audio-visual delight?

Aamir Khan’s Dhoom:3 is the most awaited film of the year and whether it’s the trailer launch or the song launch, we have been always eager to watch it. The Dhoom machale dhoom song was well hyped, but it doesn’t really live up to it. We just couldn’t figure out which part of the song was actually sensational. We can’t even think of drawing comparison between Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Dhoom:2 and Katrina Kaif in the latest one. Hrithik Roshan had looked way sexier than Ms. Kaif!

The song begins with the babe trying to Kat-walk in a black attire. Does she strike the right pose? Naaah! The Chikni Chameli‘s dance moves are robotic, some of her clothes remind us of Kangna Ranaut from Krrish 3 only in a different shade may be.  We can’t believe that Katrina trained rigorously for this song, like really??? In the golden and red corset, it looks as if Katrina is trying to exercise only her wrong clothes and shoes got her looking very awkward. As for her expressions? Whether it’s lip-sync or sexy pout both seem off. Kat even does a Bollywood cliche – drenched in water act but Kat’s pink bikini, which looks more like a sports gear is a turn off. Was she trying hard to do a Tata Young? If yes then Katrina falls flat! Kat does manage to look like a heroine in her neon green attire and  yes her dark-red pout looks droolworthy. But, that’s about it!

The song is disappointing also because it sounds like a badly remixed track of Dhoom and yes we were expecting some really hot dance moves from Vaibhavi Merchant and Katrina Kaif. May be Kat forgot she had to live up to Aishwarya’s Dhoom:2.

In this much hyped song Katrina neither manages to match up to the sexy Ash act nor does she come anywhere close to Tata Young’s sizzling Dhoom song. BollywoodLifers, you tell us who did Dhoom machale the best – Katrina, Aishwarya or then Tata Young?