Dhoom:3 song Dhoom machale dhoom – Is Naya’s Arabic version any match to Tata Young’s English rendition?

After Tata Young’s English version of Dhoom machale dhoom, this time YRF has given the title track of Dhoom:3 an Arabic twist. But is it a treat to the ears?

We weren’t highly impressed with the Hindi version of Dhoom:3’s title track and our opinion is pretty much the same about the Arabic rendition which has been sung by Naya. What’s funnier is that the song features Katrina Kaif mainly and she is seen mouthing only the Dhoom machale dhoom line. Coming to the Arabic singing sensation Naya, her voice isn’t as dumdaar as Taya Young who had sung the English version of Dhoom machale dhoom in Dhoom. Also, Naya’s look reminded us of American pop star Lady Gaga especially her hairstyle. Watch the video and you’ll agree. But what’s puzzling is that as a part of promotional strategy the makers of Aamir Khan-Katrina starrer decided not to release full songs of their film then we wonder why have they made an exception with the title track. In fact, now the full song is out in two versions, strange na?

While Tata Young sung Dhoom machale dhoom amazingly well, the makers may not receive the same response for the new Arabic version by Naya. Coz the same trick doesn’t work twice, hai na?

For now, Bollywoodlifers, you hear the song and tell us which is better – Naya’s Arabic one or Tata Young’s English version?