Dhoom:3 song Tu hi junoon: Aamir Khan tries hard to look tall!

Sun, December 29, 2013 11:18am IST by
Dhoom:3 song Tu hi junoon: Aamir Khan tries hard to look tall!

The shorty superstar is struggling to match up to Katrina Kaif’s height in possibly every frame of this peppy romantic number. Take a look!

More than the beautiful backdrops this romantic number offers-from the lush gardens to the sparkling skyscrapers-your eyes are hooked at the tricks Aamir Khan is using to stand alongside our leggy beauty Katrina Kaif without looking like a little dwarf from Cinderella fairytale land.

Tu hi junoon from Dhoom:3 is a colourful and peppy number that presents Aamir and Kat in their colourful costumes. While singer Mohit Chauhan has not impressed us hugely with his voice-as he goes slightly off key in patches-it is the Khan dude’s charm and Kat’s sizzling screen presence that will keep you glued to the screen. And thank god the song saves you the trouble that comes from watching Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra together. The duo’s absence is really heartwarming.

Now you watch Kat and the Khan superstar shaking their starry legs to the tune of this hummable composition and tell us if you find Aamir using his high boots to create the desired effect!

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  • hatebachchans

    With two aamir khans taking all the screen space we have no comedy from uday chopra and both abhisheetjkh and uday gotno song in this film , it is only aamir and not even any dhoom in this film, the chases are tooooooo loooong and robbery plan is nowhere to be seen ILLOGICAL FILM BEINF WATCHED BY ILLOGICAL PEOPLE, my sympathies with abhi, uday and katrina who are reduced to nothings in this film…Amen

    • Dhruvil Desai

      Katrina did an excellent job in this movie and 60% of gross and success of this movie was just because of katrina so just stfu..

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i dont think is nnice to say or talk about someone like that,

  • meeeee

    this article must be by salman, hr, sharukh or rohit shetty,. lol jealous of d3 success

  • shal

    Wow what a professional and mature analysis!! You should be ashamed of yourself. Or maybe its testament to the fact that you couldn’t find anything else wrong with Aamir’s performance and had to resort to such shallow nit-picks.

  • Muffaddal

    enough yaar,
    We should proud of having such an actor which always bring something new. See how young he looks even in 50 years almost of his age. I am sure he has lot more to offer for us in coming years. So BL, don’t try to make hatred feelings for u.

  • Srgay

    this article must be written by shahrukh gay

  • Ibrahim

    I know this new era requires new singers.but sincerely,I would like to have Udit’s voice back for Aamir.I loved when I saw the match after a while(The Rising) in Bombay Talkies even for some seconds.Concerning the height, it doesn’t matter at all.The most important is talent that attract & convince the audience on screen.