Dhoom:3 Tap song promo 2- Aamir Khan tries hard to impress with his tap dance!

The perfectionist Khan doesn’t seem to be perfect with his tap dance

The second promo of Dhoom: 3 tap song is out and believe you us, it’s no different from the first one. The video has the much touted baddie of the year Aamir Khan turning into a thumper! It is being said that Aamir has put in a lot of efforts for the film and especially for this song as the perfectionist went all the way to Australia to learn the grungy form of tap dancing , which is said to be more difficult than the classic style and requires higher energy!

Aamir was trained by Dein Perry, the choreographer of the opening ceremony of Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. But looks like the Khan dude didn’t quite concentrate on the lessons given to him by Dein. Why do we say so, you ask? That’s because, Aamir is trying to synchronize steps with the exciting background score and the fiery beats, but he fails to impress.

Anyway, here is the second promo of the tap song. Watch and tell us your thoughts on it.