Dhoom:3 Tap song promo- Aamir Khan is not exactly a perfectionist in tapping it right!

The shorty is not exactly a hottie in this otherwise beautifully shot feet-tapping number

Dhoom:3’s new song is feet tapping, quite literally that is! Here you have the much touted baddie of the year Aamir Khan in the season’s most awaited action flick turning into a thumper!

Aamir, as usual, is trying to put in everything he has in this number but alas he doesn’t quite come across as a pro at the act. With his short frame the 48-year-old Khan dude is struggling to synchronize his starry steps with the exciting background score and the fiery beats.

We know that is unfair to compare Khan with the ever-effortless dancing star Hrithik Roshan who had simply blown us away with his swift moves in the title track of Dhoom 2. In fact, the Adonis of B-town had also impressed us with his tap dancing in a coke commercial.

We wish Aamir should have got his steps right from the Roshan dude. Never mind, we are sure that Mr Perfectionist will make up for it by showing his excellent acting chops in the movie, hai na?