Did Ajay and Rohit take a dig at SRK-KJo’s ‘dostana’?

The actor-director duo made humorous remarks about Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan when asked about their ‘close friendship’

I happened to be at the recent press interviews held for the promotion of Singham and witnessed a perfectly innocent question by a journalist turn into a major laugh riot. The unsuspecting journo questioned Rohit about how his ‘love’ for Ajay affects him when he is writing a role for the actor. The journo also made a reference to the special friendship between Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan and compared their relationship with Rohit and Ajay’s rapport. Rohit laughed out loud and said, “Please, unki baat yahaan mat karo (please don’t talk about them here).” The journo tried again: “I mean…just like Karan and SRK when you really like each other….” Ajay interrupted, “Wo sab pata nahin. Aap bol rahe ho, humne kuch nahin kahaa (We don’t know about that! We didn’t say anything, you said it.).” By this time, everyone in the room was in giggles. The journo was persistent. “No…what I am trying to say is that when there is special love for an actor, do you get obsessed with trying to give him a better role?” Rohit interrupted again, “Bahut hi ajeeb aur gareeb sawaal hai (it’s a very strange and amusing question)”, before finally giving in and replying more seriously. “Yes, we always try to do better than our last film,” is all Rohit said. Well, guys, we know you were in a funny mood, but don’t you think it might offend certain people? Especially since Rohit is still trying to woo SRK to do the Angoor remake!