Did Amitabh Bachchan get anything to eat at the opening gala dinner of the 66th Cannes International Film Festival?

We hear that the gala dinner at the opening of the Cannes film festival consisted of a four course meal, with every dish a non-vegetarian one. And since Big B is a devout vegetarian, we have to wonder how he survived without his ghaas poos!

Amitabh Bachchan looked dashing as he made an appearance at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival in a sequin studded jacket. Posing with Leonardo DiCaprio and spreading his charm on the red carpet, Big B did it all at the screening of his Hollywood flick The Great Gatsby. The superstar is definitely making the most of the festival, hobnobbing with actors we would kill to get a picture with and, of course, see them in the flesh. Style-wise, AB is creating waves. But where is getting all that energy from? Obviously the salubrious Cannes air isn’t enough to put an end to those infuriating hunger pangs, right? Maybe Big B ordered food from one of those la-di-da restaurants…or we wouldn’t be surprised to discover that he made his chef travel along with him, all the way, saat samundar paar. So we can already imagine the king crab and shrimp – which were a delicious part of the full course scrumptious meal at the banquet – being replaced by chunks of tofu and a plate of lettuce mixed with assorted other greens. Ew!

We hope Big B found a solution to his food problems. We don’t want the superstar to sulk like a kid who’s forcefully asked to gulp down a bowl of cornflakes instead of chocolate cake, especially while he’s representing India on the sunny Riviera. Give the ol’ man all the green, brown, and orange organic veggie food he wants….keep the star happy!