Did Anushka Sharma do a Priyanka Chopra?

Did Anushka Sharma do a Priyanka Chopra?

The babe was spotted leaving for Vancouver for The Times Of India Film Awards 2013, and wethinks her look had a great deal of similarity with PC’s adventurous style!

Anushka Sharma – in a striped Zara top and skinny black jeans – looked super hot as she posed for the paparazzi, taking harmless pride in her airport style. Those bangs were so PC-like, and the ankle-length boots are definitely not for the frail-hearted style souls. Priyanka Chopra is a true-blue rockstar and her fashion sense has all of sudden become very fierce and bold. But who knew that some of our very own sexy chicks from B-town – for example apni Ms Anushka – will be highly inspired by the Chopra chick’s way of teaming her clothes. Look at the manner in which Anushka let her hair loose and the attitude with which she pulled off a gorgeous pair of boots, and you would know what we are saying!

The gadget savvy babe walked around with a fancy tablet in her hand. The leather jacket and the Chloe Paraty bag added a hint of femininity and a biker babe-like tadka to her appearance. Even though the look seems to be quite a rip-off of PC’s fashionable avatar, we quite like the fact that AS knows what suits her. Sporting bangs is not everyone’s cup of tea; you need a heart of steel and an eye for style to figure out if your face is made for fringes or not.

So Ms Sharma is definitely not delusional, style-wise. She knows what looks good on her – even if it’s a replica of a certain Ms Chopra’s style statement.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pinky

    So some new bies sre trying to copy PC style now ! LoL..
    But anushka babe you cant match PC coz she pulls off this style much better ! PC is the queen when it somes to fashion and style ! :D

    • John

      lollllllllll you ,mean PC is an OLDbie hhahahahah very well said…

    • Sara

      u r righ .

    • Sara

      anushka sharma can’t be Priyanka Chopra. In Fact she is not PC

    • atheer

      PC is OK but Anushka is also alri8………. :D

  • anonym

    anushka is younger, prettier and does not lies in others marriage beds… Plastic Chopra is fat and smug….just one dirty Bi…

    • Nolie

      PC is better than smug man face Kareena.

    • NolieNolie

      PC has a nose job and Anushka had a face job nice try haterrrr. Ur dirty mind is full of plastic

    • rosa

      hey you hater, before calling priyanka PLASTIC go and ask anushka how many times she has done plastic surgeries, lip jobs etc… If priyanka is plastic so is anushka. If you have nothing to do go and stick to anushka’s ugly face :P … God knows next time whose style she will copy.

    • rahul

      That bludy anushka have no style she have only bluddy ugliest face she don,t have any aukat to match up with pc anuska pc ki jooti ki brabar bhi nahi psycho anushka

    • atheer

      But I think dat U R WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Cuz I think Priyanka is younger and da thing is they r both pretty nd young so I dnt feel lyk 2 insult them… & dn’t evr insult Priyanka CHOPRAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or any othr Actor or Actress. 3:) :P

  • tammy

    this style was not invented by PC, it cannot be called “the PC style”.
    secondly just because AS has bangs, wearing a top with black skinny jeans it doesnt mean she’s copying, she’s simply just wearing a TOP WITH BLACK SKINNNY JEANS!
    jeez this website is a PC fan and so slightly biased

    • meena

      agreed! this is the only sane comment so far. the only thing common is the black pants and i guess the website forget most women own also have a pair of black jeans or black tights.

  • alia

    PC is more beatiful than that ugly anushka. she doesnt even have a body like PC to carry this style. Copy cat anushka.

    • Jane

      Idiotic Moron!! am sure Anushka is a zillion times more beautiful than your ugly face! look at urself in the mirror before calling someone else ugly!!!!

    • atheer

      Dn’t call her Copy cat OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dnt call her ugly 2!!!!!!! 3:)

  • hasan

    This style was brought out in India by PC. I haven’t seen anyone in bollywood from ages doiing this chic look. So somewhere this is something that belongs to PC. Anushka clearly copying it without any doubt and looking equally good.

  • Ash

    look that this fool who called her self Anushka….go and sit down this is pc’s style not your’s copy copy.go priyanka we are by your side

    • Ashfool

      you are the biggest fool here for puking nonsense… PC style my foot!!

  • Sana

    nonsense article!!

  • alisha

    theres no point of arguing when we can clearly see a certain actress is copying miss chopra. there’s nothing wrong about it i think. that means some actresses wants to dress up like PC. She’s such a style Icon.:) So its better not to post these kinds of articles to insult each other.

  • kiran

    pc better than anushka

    • Sara


  • Sara

    In this hairstyle, i think that priyanka is more beautiful than her

  • Ajay gupta

    I think putting anushuka to in pc’s look and hair,body and every thing is just like a creating nonsense

    • atheer

      But I think dat she looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P