Did Asha Negi leave Pavitra Rishta ‘coz of Ankita Lokhande?

Did Asha Negi leave Pavitra Rishta ‘coz of Ankita Lokhande?

Seeing tiffs between actors onscreen is a very common thing, but how often does the animosity pass off screen?

Pavitra Rishta’s Ankita Lokhande-Sushant Singh Rajput and Hiten Tejwani have been a face of the Ekta Kapoor show for long. When the leap happened, Asha Negi and Rithvik Dhanjani took over and the audience loved them. They became stars overnight. Obviously, the popularity didn’t go down well with Ankita, so we hear. It seems Ms Lokhande often passed comments about how her beauty will always win over Asha’s simple and down to earth looks. Now we don’t believe everything our khabroo tells us, but it was evident that the two actors didn’t see eye to eye.

According to a source, Ankita had a meeting with the head honchos of Balaji Telefilms demanding a better track for her character. The makers calmed the actor down and made plans to give Ankita a double role. The change in the script meant another major leap. Asha and Rithvik were not keen on aging onscreen and hence decided to bow out of the show.

The producers however, requested the couple to stay a bit longer until the other characters were established. Ankita finally had her way out and her demands were met. After six months, AshVik quit the show and moved on.

In spite of all the animosity between the two actors, Ms Negi maintains that Ankita and she always shared a cordial relationship and there was no bad air between them. Yes, we believe you!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ashna

    what a rubbish article ? Ankita lokhande as popular actress she won many awards now this year she won star guild award best actress in television ..some jealous khabroo tells us negative..?…. because she is popular and good looking her as Hug fan following her acting natural she doing double roll now pavithra ristha ankita play young roll fantastic..moving on good story ..ankita and naren beautiful couple now most viewers like pavitra ristha and ankita and naren so some jealous khabroo tells us negative..?…

    • Anjaan

      Agree with you. It’s OK for them to see Ankita and other youngsters be in another generation; when they have to play older it didn’t go well with them. Whether anyone likes it or not, Pavitra Rishta belongs to Ankita. I believe she is the better actress amongst the younger lot in this this show.

      • Just Saying

        Ankita and Naren’s romance is completely brain-dead. Ms.Lokhande sucks completely in her younger role. Her track with Manav is a lot more mature and watch-worthy.

        Oddly, her acting skills in her younger role have gone completely down-hill, and she is beginning to get on a lot of viewers nerves (the mature one’s at-least).

        However, I agree: She is still the best of the BAD lot, if that is worth anything.

        • varsha

          hahaha jhopdi mein jaake pant utaar ke romance kerti hai. HORRIBLE generation leap in PR. Ye show kab band hoga. Pavitra Rishta ke naam pe Naren and Ankita ka kaand dekho

  • guest

    why did rithwik leave..did she taunt him too how he can never be as beautiful as her haha

    • rishbala

      so many actors from Usha Nadkarni have complained about Ankita. It is quite offensive and someone with horrible proffesional attitude and probably sulking over her beau’s affairs and slaps offscreen will go on an abuse other stars over looks. Accha hua Farah Khan ke film se bhaga diya, itna nautanki karti hai! 2 rupees actor lol

  • Pari

    they have made ankita look like some evil villian taunting other actors

    all these are just rumours. Ankita is THE FACE of pavitra rishta and purvi is 2nd generation lead actress. so wherez any competition? both are great actors and both have done well in their spaces. archana, purvi and ankita are very important for PR.. so why any competition?… m Confused.

    these are only rumours to split the actor and to make anki fans vs asha fans split their head and cum to defend their respectve on screen idols..

    I read somewhere that asha requested that she doesnt want to shoot any scenes with ankita and if its true…I think they both shud get professional. asha shudn’t tell not to give scenes with ankita. she is an actor and shud stick to the story.and ankita shouldnt taunt asha regarding beauty as asha is no plain jane , she was miss uttarakhand.

    and since bothh the actors have clarified that therez no cold war betwwn them, then who are we to decide they dont like each other.

    • bruna

      Only someone with a terrible professional attitude, highly insecure, jealous, vain and too full of herself will put someone else down in the name of physical looks. For the sake of Ankita’s future career, hope that part was not true. Asha seems to have given a very professional and cordial answer, and Ankita should have clarified with atleast one reporter and presented her side. Someone has talked about Usha Nadkarni requesting no scenes with Ankita and ignoring Ankita for Ms Lokhande’s tantrums, just shows her behaviour was left uncorrected for too long. I would have complained to my team lead or manager as well if instead of my work, my senior peer was taunting about my looks.

      Just reading the comments and articles linked by Shivraj above, plus having seen Ankita Lokhande’s attitude in Jhalak Dikhla Ja 4, she comes across as someone who is not just rude but plain arrogant. It is not forthrightness but arrogance and Ankita Lokhande is going to become Sajid Khan with such horrible tantrums. Let’s see how far she goes with such ugly behaviour.

  • Thaathi

    I have always liked Archana’s character but I hate Ankita. Sorry Ankita fans but this is my opinion. I saw her on JDJ and she was I dont know how to explain, a little too full of herself. I dont know if this article is true or not but it does sound a bit like her. I loved PR but after Sushant left, i got kinda bored, I shipped Ankita and Shushant’s relationship and I kinda hated Hiten and Ankita as a couple even thought Hiten is a fantastic actor. The only think that kept me glued to the show after Sushant left was AshVik. They were adorable and so lovable. For me at least, they were the reason why the show still went on after Sushant left and now that they’ve quit I no longer watch it.

    • Thaathi


    • Lakshmi

      Sometimes truth feels harsh — but we are a society that don’t like to see women a certain way. When a man is “full of himself” he is confident and when a women is “full of herself” she is arrogant. This girl is self made and doesn’t hesitate speaking her mind. Right or wrong is other’s opinion. For her it is the right, lest she wouldn’t. There is oodles of talent in her for some good direct to tap into. She is also very secure of herself — such behavior has to be commended. May be I have seen a bit of world where silent creatures are welcome but their talents go unnoticed.

      For me on this show most of the actors seem good (I don’t care that much about Asha and Rithwik, honestly — seem like insecure actors – my individual opinion) but Ankita always seem on the top of her game. However, characterization is not her job — that’s the creatives – she will only act. Within the last three weeks Ankita presented a Vulnerable young lady that found out she was in love with this mad man (whose disease a medical mystery, really). She found that she was so mad about him — audience sh feel that.

      But pl give her a bit of rope, she is also an aspiring actress that needs to show her good looks like any other leads to catch a movie or two.

      • Shivraj

        Ankita has always been insecure and unprofessional. She will be a one show wonder forever. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/tv/news-interviews/Ankita-Lokhande-shown-the-door/articleshow/9797021.cms

        “Ankita Lokhande is giving a tough time to the makers of reality show
        Comedy Circus. The actress apparently rarely reported on time and didn’t
        give adequate time for rehearsals as a result of which the final act
        suffered on the show. Her partner Kapil Sharma too was not happy with
        Ankita as he had to bear the brunt for the actress’ unprofessional


        Pavitra Rishta is undeniably one of the top rated shows on idiot box and seems like the success of the show has a huge consequence on Ankita Lokhande aka Archana.
        She became a role model for thousands of women across the country. While Archana is the down to earth girl, ideal wife, devoted daughter and sanskari bahu in reel life, Ankita is the exact opposite in real life.
        Egoistic lady always gave a tough time to the production house. She throws a lot of tantrums on the sets.She came late on set and leaves as soon as possible, sometimes she leaves without informing the production house.Remember Lokhande was  thrown out from Comedy Circus because of her unprofessional attitude.


        Although her character is quite popular, Usha at one time had thought of quitting the serial because of her problem with lead actor Ankita

        I told her that I wasn’t happy with a particular actor’s behaviour towards
        me. She told me to completely ignore her and do my job. But I explained to her that I can’t ignore the actress if I have most of my scenes with her.

        Ankita’s drama has continued through Jhalak Dikhla Ja season 4 and she will be out of work with those tantrums soon. Lakhsmi can be a fan and turn a blind eye to so many articles or blame some new comers instead looking at Ankita closely. Ankita has had a long list of issues and Balaji probably spend more time convincing and requesting other actor’s to ignore Ankita instead of working on better stories. And what is the pantless hut romance she was doing with that MMS actor in Pavira Ristha? Less demand of script and more heights of desperation. Sushant needs to chat with her about her professional attitude for sure. Since he left Pavitra Rishta Ankita seems to be on some insecure tantrum high

      • Nistha

        Oh yeah Ankita’s confidence is misunderstood as arrogance not only by the veterans like Usha Nadkarn ji from the sets of PR, but then entire telly world misunderstands her… Oh yeah even she is jealous because she cannot be as beautiful as Ankita isn’t it??? LOL

        Kapil Sharma bore the burnt of her unprofessionalism but yeah even he had misunderstood her; the man who made Comedy Circus what it is today is also jealous of her popularity..

        It seems even the media house of TOI’s repute is against her– too much yellow journalism going against her — so many articles against her that too much before Rithvik and Asha’s entry??? Oh yeah, it seems the whole world is against her.

        Other actors who leave the show are insecure actors– oh yeah those who are confident to find the works outside are insecure.. As per the latest track well, the latest TRPS have spoken loudly how well it is going or is being received by the audience … well.

        Taunting other actors as to how she is preetier, blowing her own trumpet about being such a big actor that even channel knowing it— are they also part of confidence??? Doesn’t it show that she is insecure??? The same that others are being accused of??

        She is an aspiring actor to make it in Bollywood???? But wasn’t she considered and left out for her attitude??? Aspiring actor again??? Oh I thought she was the lead and the face of PR…..LOL

        As a viewer, yeah she is an extremely talented actress and good looking too…. But PR should not be the ” Be All and End All” for her. If she wants have a future post PR, she needs to mend her attitude— PRONTO because not everyone understands or sympathizes with such an attitude…

    • don

      why don u no longer watch it do u know it is now very interesting.

  • Lakh

    Hats of u Ankita lokhande u r amazing actor a sweet person ..u r proved fabulous actor good dancer .. ..U r straightforward nature.. Good Human being..ur fans Know What u Dear…now.u proved .u r best..in pavitra rishta .. Archana roll and ankita roll u r doing brilliantly .now viewers. like Ankita and naren jodi they rocking pvr… u r fans with u ..ur love with u ..God with u …

    Don’t care rubbish article and rubbish negative comment some Enemy fans group jealous ur popularity. and make nagative..JAL NA WALLA JAL THE REHO .SAP KHO BABA JI KA TULLU MILAAKA JAI HO BABA…

    • bipasha

      Entire world is jealous of and against the bechari dukhiyari pavitra soul Ankita who is taking off her trousers to romance Naren because nothing else id working. The sinking TRP and time slot change to evening of Pavitra Rishta is proof enough Ankita magic has faded and this show will bites dust

      Her delusional fans will of course go on to blame Kapil Sharma, Usha Nadkarni, all media sites, newcomer actors, Mahi Vij (Jhalak 4 time), Rahu-Ketu-Shani. etc. etc/

      Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones at others and those who hide behind make-up and cosmetics while putting others down shouldn’t comment on their vanity. Gora rang to din mein dhal jaayega, good attitude and professionalism goes a long way in the industry. Ankita has neither of that. Too bad her fans cannot see her follies

  • bipasha

    Entire world is jealous of and against the bechari dukhiyari pavitra
    soul Ankita who is taking off her trousers to romance Naren because
    nothing else id working. The sinking TRP and time slot change to evening
    of Pavitra Rishta is proof enough Ankita magic has faded and this show
    will bites dust

    Her delusional fans will of course go on to blame
    Kapil Sharma, Usha Nadkarni, all media sites, newcomer actors, Mahi Vij
    (Jhalak 4 time), Rahu-Ketu-Shani. etc. etc/

    Those who live in
    glass houses do not throw stones at others and those who hide behind
    make-up and cosmetics while putting others down shouldn’t comment on
    their vanity. Gora rang to din mein dhal jaayega, good attitude and
    professionalism goes a long way in the industry. Ankita has neither of

  • zeetvv

    lol ppl r saying tat all r jealous of ankita lol iss she princess of any universe or wat even senior actor like usha ji commented abt tis lady is she also jealous lol ankita fans need to grow up lol popularity ? how many fans tis lady as half of her twitter followers r andas lol ankita and her fans seriously need to get well soon if she continues with this attitude nothing she gone get after pr end

  • Lakshmi

    No one leaves a show for someone’s sake. If you don’t develop thick skin there are only professions open for an individual. At the end of the day we all have to put up with some sort of negative influences in our work places. Either we confront them or we ignore them. We shouldn’t be defeated by what others think about us. Doubt Asha is foolish enough to throw away limelight because of a cat fight.

    • krrishfan

      Asha has already maintained in this article she did not leave because of Ankita. She cannot help if sore losers like you cannot see it or don’t want to accept it, just like the journalist who wrote this article. Choosing to believe the part where Asha left due to cat fight but ignoring the rest of the terrible behaviour of Ankita written in the article. Not biased at all LMAO!!

  • mumina.a

    Plz plz plz Ekta karpoor plz bring back arjun purvi back in the show I cannot live without them just love them and if u can’t bring them back than go to hell Ekta karpoor I hate….


    I really luv mrs Lokhande cuz she is best actress that i never seen before

  • Maya

    If ASHA NEGI is a down to earth person then she is!! lol What’s the big deal??? She can’t compare herself with Ankita beauty!

  • don

    i have always loved arjuns character but my question is why did he leave purvi or is the internet lying