Did Barfi! help Ranbir Kapoor get an invite to Spanish La Liga?

The Rockstar has indeed been invited for a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. But does his Rs 100 crore movie have a role to play in it all? We find out

Ranbir Kapoor is surely in a happy phase right now, with Barfi! crossing the Rs 100 crore mark. Also, RK has been officially invited to Spanish La Liga in Spain to watch a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona on October 7. But does Ranbir’s magical performance have anything to do with this invitation? Well, one might be tempted to think that the footballers got mighty impressed with RK’s role and decided to invite him to Spain. But, we are told, it’s not so.

“The Team Barcelona members know him rather well. The last time they met, Ranbir shared some time chatting with them,” a birdie revealed. Also, buzz is that Messi even autographed the actor’s cap. Waah!

So there, guess it’s just Ranbir’s pally-ness with the team members that earned him the invite to watch the coveted match from the VIP box of the stadium. Even so, we’re very happy for apna hero ‘coz he is an ardent football fan and is known to play football with his school friends in Bandra whenever he manages to find the time.

Enjoy your time in Spain, Ranbir, while we miss you in B-town!