Did Deepika Padukone cheat on John Abraham?

That’s what the macho star seems to be claiming!

Abbas Mustan’s forthcoming release Race 2 has some racy numbers. We tried to convert the popular title song of the thriller into English, word-for-word. The result of our endeavour only got lost in translation


Har ghadi har pahar mujhe

Bas khayal hai ab tera


Every moment every minute

Only your thoughts now


Kaise katenge din tere bin

Yahi bas sawaal hai ab mera…Ik baar nahi yeh dil sau baar hai toota


How it will cut days without you

That only is the question of mine…not once but this heart is broken a hundred times


Allah duhai hai

Allah duhai hai, phir bewafaai hai

Mushqil rihaai hai, haan tere pyar mein


The All Mighty’s blessings

The All Mighty’s blessings, again cheating is there

Difficult is freedom, yes in your love