Did Deepika Padukone get hit by eggs and tomatoes?

Well, the dusky beauty almost escaped from getting hit by eggs and tomatoes. Read on to know the whole kahaani….

Deepika Padukone was in Ahmedabad to attend a garba event. However, the Ram-Leela actor was unaware about the fact that a group of protestors had gathered on the ground to protest against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela over controversial content.

We hear the members of the Jadeja and Rabari communities were ready to throw eggs and tomatoes at Dippy and the organisers at the venue in protest. But the agitators backed off after they were informed that the makers of the film had agreed to edit the controversial content from the final print of their film. According to sources, “The situation got tense but finally they backed down after they were told that the apparently offensive portions from the film had been re-dubbed.”

Reportedly, Bhansali had already informed about removing the controversial content from his film to the senior members of both the communities. But the group protesting at the garba ground wasn’t aware.

Though things settled down after a while, we feel bad for poor Deepika who had to go through all this for no reason!