Did Deepika Padukone leave Shahrukh Khan to meet Salman Khan?

Deepika Padukone leaves Shahrukh Khan to meet Salman Khan
Yogen Shah

Though Ms Padukone recently said that she hasn’t been offered Bade Bhaiya which stars Salman, the pretty lady still went ahead and met the Dabangg Khan. But what’s interesting is that SRK was present in the vicinity too

Deepika Padukone was shooting with her good friend-cum-co-star Shahrukh Khan at Mehboob studio for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. Interestingly, King Khan’s kabhi dost kabhi dushman Salman Khan was shooting on another set in the same studio for his film. When DP came to know about the same, we hear she didn’t think twice and went up to meet the bhai of Bollywood who was sitting outside his vanity van. This meeting happened during the chai break in the evening and though Farah also shares good rapport with the Being Human star, she stayed back as SRK was on the sets of HNY. What’s even more interesting is that Sallu-SRK maintained safe distance from each other giving us reason to believe that there is still no dostana between the two superstars.

Coming to Deepika, the babe chatted with Sallu miyaan for about 20 minutes before going back to her sets and resuming shooting. But the Ram-Leela actor wasn’t the only one who dared to go on the enemy camp. Salman’s brother Sohail Khan and sister Alvira Khan were spotted on the sets of SRK-Deepika starrer. Whether the Karan Arjun co-stars have made peace with each other not, we don’t know but we are glad other B-town celebs are not affected by their puzzling equation.

While the Jai Ho actor has been showering praises on Dippy, we are eager to see how soon the two come together for a film. But for now Bollywoodlifers, you tell who looks good with Deepika – Shahrukh ya Salman?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • saleem

    salman vl look gud..

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  • Lorraine

    Ok, so this article got my imagination going. Deepika can make anybody with her look good the same as Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan can make anybody look good with either of them. There is no contest in that. Right now, however, she’s looking fabulous with Shah Rukh Khan. Time will tell whether we will see photos of Salman and Deepika together for a film or just for the fun of it, maybe. Actually, Since he’s shared space with Deepika quite successfully in Chennai Express, and now in Happy New Year, Shah Rukh may not mind letting her spread her wings a bit to do some exploring for herself. I think a film with Deepika and Salman together could be interesting, depending upon the film and how the actors are portrayed in it. I’d like to see Salman do a romantic film for a change from all that rough-’em-up, shoot- ‘em-up, and stomp-’em into-the-ground-type of action films. He can still be a hero, but taper the blood & guts & fire power down a bit. Oh well, I like to dream — so, maybe in my dreams. Best wishes to Deepika, Shah Rukh, and Salman in whatever they each decide to do.

  • vedalways

    king khan

  • keshar

    Salman is the best

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  • managee

    Its a stupid news ….does srk is holding alwaysa deepika and telling her whom to meet ?if she meets salmon what’s the big de

  • Karan

    of course SRK
    No doubt babe SRK is the king in every where in this world
    he’s the bhai