Did Hema forget she knew RD Burman?

The Dream Girl’s memory needed to be jogged, but at least Aamir honoured the music man!

It’s RD Burman’s 72nd birth anniversary today, and the way he’s remembered nowadays is reflected in what two of the industry’s top actors had to say about him. Hema Malini, who has lip synced to some of his hit compositions, recently admitted that she didn’t have much interaction with him. “I’ve worked a lot with Gulzaar saab and Burmanji had composed for many of the films, like Khushboo and Kinara. We would meet sometimes at parties and he would tell me he had just finished a song for one of my films. That’s all.” Hema’s answer surprised us, as we expected a lot more. Surely, after shimmying to his compositions in Sholay, The Burning Train and Satte Pe Satta and even singing a couple of lines in Kinara, you would expect she would have something more to say? On the other hand, Aamir Khan waxed eloquent about the times he spent with the late composer. “He used to work a lot with Nasser saab (Aamir’s uncle). When I was the assistant director on his films, I used to be present while he composed music. He was a great human being. I love all his songs and it is tough to choose one as my favourite.” He added that the songs of Yaadon Ki Baarat, in which he was a child artiste, are close to his heart. We hope that by next year Hema would have taken her cue from Aamir and jogged her memory a little more.