Did Himesh Reshammiya walk out of Sher for Salman Khan?

Not wanting offend Salman Khan, Himesh quits a film that stars Vivek Oberoi

After a brief lull in his career Salman Khan was the one who backed Himesh Reshammiya, and gave him the opportunity to compose for Bodyguard. Now, the composer seems to be trying to prove his loyalty to the man who gave him a new lease of life – Salman.

It was reported that Himesh had chosen to do Sher with Sanjay Dutt that is being directed by Soham Shah of Kaal fame. However, when the singer came to know that a surprise casting by producers Ashtavinayak included Vivek Oberoi, the composer decided to drop out of the film!

The producers Ashtavinayak were obviously left in a lurch, as Himesh didn’t even deliver one song, which they hoped he would. But Himesh remains unfazed. All he is concerned about if not offending Sallu bhai by doing a film with his old enemy Vivek. One thing has to be said, the Salman camp is a group of fiercely loyal people!