Did Hrithik Roshan use his stardom to get his work done?

Did Hrithik Roshan use his stardom to get his work done?

Reportedly, the Krrish 3 actor met the Delhi Police commissioner. But why?

Hrithik Roshan was in Delhi recently where he was shooting for his upcoming film Bang Bang, which also stars Katrina Kaif. However, the Delhi Police stalled the shoot of their film, we hear. Why? That’s because Hrithik was shooting aerial stunts on a flyover bridge, which resulted in a traffic jam.

Phir kya hua? The police asked the unit to stop the shooting. The cast and crew of the film, having no other option, had to comply with the orders. But the main problem began when the police authorities informed the film’s unit that the permission to shoot any further has been revoked.

“Lack of permission amounts to cancellation of the shoot or a change of location. Both would have disrupted the shooting schedule and led to a huge production loss,” a source was quoted by a tabloid.

However, the Krrish 3 actor soon came to the rescue. “As soon as Hrithik was informed about the situation, he decided to take charge. He then met with the Delhi Police Commissioner to sort out the issue,” added the source.

Frankly, we aren’t really surprised. After all, there have been many stars who have used their stardom to get their work done, hai na?

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  • Christine Fain

    Hrithik Roshan is a resourceful professional man who uses whatever tools are available to get the job done. If that means harnesses and highwires, he flies; if that means meeting with a city official to come to a satisfactory conclusion for both parties, he makes it happen. Would it be any different for any other successful business man who had an unscheduled work-stoppage that could be ironed out with a little understanding on both sides of the table? The only difference I can see is that no one would spot the owner of the multimillion dollar conglomerate, while no one could miss Hrithik!

  • Cattypuss

    Hrithik met with the good Commissioner and offered to do a road safety campaign in exchange for getting the rest of the shoot done. Quick thinking on HRo’s part, and a win win for everybody concerned.