Did Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor sexually abuse actor Geetika Tyagi?: Watch video!

Did Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor sexually abuse actor Geetika Tyagi?: Watch video!

In a shocking video that is doing the rounds online we see One By Two actor Geetika Tyagi slapping the filmmaker for allegedly molesting her

In what can be called a perfectly orchestrated move to capture all the tamsaha happened in the private space, Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor and actor Geetika Tyagi are seen in altercation over their sexual relationship in this video. We even see Geetika slapping Subhash Kapoor hard even as the latter’s wife is seen weeping inconsolably in the same frame. The entire commotion unfolds as the voyeuristic camera records all the muck a la Dibaker Banerjee’s Love Sex aur Dhoka.

It is apparent that Kapoor had sexually abused Geetika and he is visibly ashamed of it. “I don’t know what to do,” says Kapoor as comes forward to deserve the thappad that lands on his cheek as the infuriated Geetika demands to hit him. “ I cannot trust a single man. I cannot face my father, brother-in-law or any man who asks me out for coffee without feeling Fu#%$* jittery,” said the lady as she is seen screaming and howling for what happened to her.

Subhash Kapoor now fears that his son and his wife will have to bear the consequences of his doing even if he is willing to start his new film. He maintains that he will be able to comment on this ugly episode only after consulting his lawyer.
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  • Senso

    I don’t think this is fair. Mistake can happen to anyone. He repented and accepted the slap from you , He must have done it to save his family.

    • Venus

      OMG are u serious ? you think saying sorry helps ? you think he wont do this again with other girls if not stopped. U need to grow up!

      • mars

        So Venus, you think slapping and posting this video on the net is correct? not thinking of the repercussions that will follow to their family members, mothers, sisters.. baying for blood or vigilant justice mentality is more dangerous than any other crime.. I would not call this as mistake.. he did a crime and police should be informed and evidence should be shared with police and not public…
        Venus, you will not understand the gravity of the situation unless your father or brother or husband goes through this turmoil.. I hope they never go through it, but just imagine the horror & shame that you will go through to understand this particular perspective..

        • Earth

          Mars, I hope your daughter gets molested by him one day so you can worry more about his family’s reputation :)

          • Mafiaso

            u people talk about revenge not justice. if he raped her then go to police instead of hitting each other recording like immature.

    • mars

      mistake is a light word buddy…. when you force yourself on a lady, it is nothing less but crime/ sexual molestation/ attempt of rape.. adequate punishment should be meted out to him… but yes, posting such content on net is horrible action.. think of this person’s son or daughters.. now, it’s an unnecessary burden on his wife to keep public/ media at bay to protect her kids… kisine sach hi kaha hai.. aurat hi aurat ka dushman hoti hai…. very sad state of affairs..

  • sudhir

    I know subhash from our childhood when we used to play cricket together, mistakes are bound to happen in a life full roller coasters ride, we all human beings and must we treat others with same attitude rather being so rigid, above all if one realise what went wrong then he emerged stronger than before my wishes are with him and pray to all to treat this as a humanitarian mistake may God give strength to both and all associated to come over fast.