Did Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor sexually abuse actor Geetika Tyagi?: Watch video!

In a shocking video that is doing the rounds online we see One By Two actor Geetika Tyagi slapping the filmmaker for allegedly molesting her

In what can be called a perfectly orchestrated move to capture all the tamsaha happened in the private space, Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor and actor Geetika Tyagi are seen in altercation over their sexual relationship in this video. We even see Geetika slapping Subhash Kapoor hard even as the latter’s wife is seen weeping inconsolably in the same frame. The entire commotion unfolds as the voyeuristic camera records all the muck a la Dibaker Banerjee’s Love Sex aur Dhoka.

It is apparent that Kapoor had sexually abused Geetika and he is visibly ashamed of it. “I don’t know what to do,” says Kapoor as comes forward to deserve the thappad that lands on his cheek as the infuriated Geetika demands to hit him. “ I cannot trust a single man. I cannot face my father, brother-in-law or any man who asks me out for coffee without feeling Fu#%$* jittery,” said the lady as she is seen screaming and howling for what happened to her.

Subhash Kapoor now fears that his son and his wife will have to bear the consequences of his doing even if he is willing to start his new film. He maintains that he will be able to comment on this ugly episode only after consulting his lawyer.