Did Kareena Kapoor’s love for Imran Khan make her say ‘yes’ to Punit Malhotra’s next?

Did Kareena Kapoor’s love for Imran Khan make her say ‘yes’ to Punit Malhotra’s next?

It’s no secret that the Talaash actor has a soft spot for Aamir Khan’s nephew. But exactly how far would she go for this cute Khan?

The story about Kareena Kapoor walking out of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela and into Punit Malhotra’s next that also starred Imran Khan made a loud noise. And while most opined that it was Bebo’s royal wedding with beau Saif Ali Khan that caused a major issue, we couldn’t help but wonder if KK’s fondness for Imran had a role to play in it all.

And we say this only after seeing the two actors – Kareena and Imran – gushing about each other all the time in interviews. While Imran has blatantly declared that he is absolutely smitten by Kareena since he was a child, KK confesses that she doesn’t mind IK’s playfulness when he teases her about prioritising maamu Aamir Khan’s Talaash above all else. And this equation is cho chweet, we agree.

Maybe that’s what director Punit Malhotra also noticed and so he cast the two in his upcoming romantic flick. Quite possible, no? And perhaps the undivided attention of a fan who is also a good photographer (read: Imran Khan) made it a tad easier for Kareena to say ‘yes’ to the movie. Don’t you agree, readers?

And while it’s amply clear that certain B-towners simply love this jodi, we ask you, BollywoodLifers: Are you a fan of the Kareena Kapoor-Imran Khan pairing too?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ali

    I think Kareena forgotten her age …she looks so old in front of Imran khan in her last release…Kareena must atleast find her age group or the actor who atleast suit with her agewisse ..Imran tou bacha aur abi kaca hai ..n kareena is buddi now… Kareena tou ab apne salman khan.Amir khan and Shahrukh khan k tera kum omer actors k saath kaam krne lagi hai…khariat tou hai na kareen jiiii hahahaa

  • Tabarak Hossain

    I thin its a good step by kareena.

  • pat

    I don’t like their pairing. While bebo is a powerhouse performer, imran unfortunately is not a good actor. when i had watched jaane tu ya jaane na i had thought he was a good actor but i was wrong, he has 2-3 expressions and moreover not much personality. I hope he becomes a better actor because otherwise there will be no chemistry between this pair. Lets wait & watch