Did Katrina date Ranbir or no?

Both Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have denied any romantic involvement. Recently we overheard the lady categorically say that she never got a chance to tell her side of that story….

Katrina Kaif broke up with Salman Khan, the man who has held her hand since she was 18 and brand new in Bollywood, some time ago. The two admitted it when asked and have moved into a comfortable stage of being friends, with some benefits – no, no, not what you are thinking, but a phase when they support each other but look after their own interests too, and have no romantic involvement that we know anything about. Ranbir Kapoor, too, has moved into a space where there do not seem to be women spilling out of the woodwork anymore, not after the various gals-not-pals that our hero was linked with. But neither Kat nor Ranboo has ever come out in the open to talk about their alleged relationship…until now. Our buddy the birdie, the tweeter with an ear always to the filmi ground, tells us that Kat recently told a journalist that there was no romance between Ranbir and her, even though they worked on two films together. The link-up stories were only to be expected, she agreed, but she would only say that the lad was “a great co-star and I think we’ve both been there in each other’s life during the period we’ve been working together. I think he’s been a great guy”. But romance? Coochie-coo stuff? Our lady refused to get into that zone, saying that it was all speculation and had already made things rather awkward. So do we know the truth about that one? Goodness knows!