Did Kishore Kumar find a loose screw in Madhubala’s head?

The late king of romantic songs finds nothing romantic about a rain-soaked woman in Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Late actor-singer-director Kishore Kumar resides in the hearts of many and will continue to be a living legend. His romantic numbers are unforgettable and eternal but he’s sung some very popular funny songs too…

If you read the lyrics of Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si, you’ll know how Kumar could manage a combo of romantic and fun in the number. Ideally, a girl drenched in the rains would win a many heart, but Kumar seems to have a different perspective. Here’s the angrezi translation of the song from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi. Read a little, sing along and enjoy…

Tan bheegaa hai sar geelaa hai

Uss kaa koi pench bhi dheelaa hai

Tanati jhukti, chalti rukti

Nikli andheri raat mein

Mili ek ajnabi se, koi aage na peechhe

Tum hi kaho ye koi baat hai


Her body is wet and so is her head

Apparently she even has a wobbly screw

Stiff sometimes, stooping sometimes

Nervously walking and stopping

She came out in the dark night

She met a stranger, with no one in the front or behind

Now tell me, isn’t that something?

So, did you get lost in translation reading this?