Did Mahesh Bhatt plant Sunny Leone in ‘Bigg Boss 5′ house?

Did Mahesh Bhatt plant Sunny Leone in ‘Bigg Boss 5′ house?

Buzz is that because other B-town actors were playing hard to get, Bhatt decided to create a star with no inhibitions

Here’s come interesting goss we just stumbled upon. And though it made our jaw drop initially we soon realised that weirder things have happened in Bollywood. A little birdie tells us that producer-director Mahesh Bhatt was having a tough time dealing with the starry airs of the actors who he has been trying to get on board for the sequel to Jism. Some female actors quoted a fee almost equal to the GDP of a small nation and others came with a baggage full of inhibitions. As the girls were driving Bhatt up the wall, he struck upon the innovative idea of zeroing in on a pornstar, planting her in a reality show and voila – there you have it, your own, well-known, inhibition free, controversy-laden star. The only job is to get her to act and for someone like Mahesh Bhatt, who has worked with loads of first-time actors, it certainly wouldn’t be a very difficult job. Well, B-towners can go to any lengths to garner some hype and publicity for their projects, won’t they? Just imagine, out of so many popular pornstars, why did the Bigg Boss makers put their finger on Sunny Leone? And isn’t it strange that soon after Bhatt actually entered the house and offered her the role (in what looks very obviously a scripted conversation) on national television? Do you think this story could be true? Tell us.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • John Francis

    I don’t know why this lady is given so much of attention by Mr Bhatt.Does he think that she is an ACTRESS …?? she can only ‘ACT ‘ in porn movies Those are the actions that she is an expert on not bollywood types.Really a disgrace to Indian cinema.She made a comment on the BB show’I am proud of who I am’ OMG proud to be a PORN STAR ……she is so dumb!!

    • Shane Shanks

      Those who feel insecure and have an inferiority complex upon facing a voluptuous sex appeal would dislike Sunny Leone. In fact throughout the last 8 years of her career she has been the sweetest porn star and on top of her game in that brutal short lived world. She will give all the bollywood stars a run for their money and Bhatt knows that he has struck gold as she is one of the most popular adult stars in middle east and north america and where Bhats movies wil become popular So get real and face the future and go watch Bigg Boss 5 she stands out as the sweetest

  • mintu sharma

    too sex of the world………………