Did Mumbai Police behave indecently with Poonam Pandey?

In the wee hours of Saturday, Poonam Pandey was picked up from Mira Road for indulging in indecent behavior and for wearing skimpy clothes. The Nasha babe maintains that the police traumatised her more as she is a celebrity

Poonam Pandey who was detained for a short while for wearing a skimpy dress and allegedly indulging in indecent behaviour claims that the cops are creating drama for no reason. Pandey maintains that she was wearing a rather respectable one piece with a shrug over it and there was no indecency shown on her part as she was accompanied by her own brother when this incident occurred

“Let me clarify this, I was not arrested. I was questioned by the cops and it was a very traumatic situation for me. I was hanging out with my brother, and even the cops knew that. But the moment they came to know that I am Poonam Pandey, a celebrity, they asked me to come to the station with them. Initially, I did not agree, but later I had to give in as they were trying to create a scene. But I am still wondering what my fault was actually. Was I paying the price for being a celebrity” questioned Poonam.

We at Bollywoodlife are confused if Poonam was at fault or the police personnel were trying to be the arbiters of morality instead of taking care of law and order?