Did Poonam Pandey take a jab at Sunny Leone?

The Nasha babe feels that a hardcore pornstar gets respect in this country but a daughter of the nation is targeted for no reason!

Her debut film Nasha might have fizzled at the box office, but Poonam Pandey is more upset because she believes that she is ill-treated, in fact targeted in this country for no reason. Poonam is disturbed about the fact that the posters of her erotic drama Nasha were burnt in the city. “This has hurt me. I don’t normally allow myself to get affected. But I never expected I’d be targeted this way for my first film. It has made me nervous. I knew I wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms into cinema. I’ve no godfather, no support from the industry. But I didn’t expect to be welcomed in this way. What have I done that is so scandalous?” questioned the Pandey babe in an interview.

Poonam feels that she is targeted for showing her skin whereas a certain pornstar ( clearly hinting at Sunny Leone) gets accepted readily. “People in this country give so much respect to a hardcore porn actress from abroad. Whereas I have never done anything that can be considered pornographic. Mere jaisi bechari si lakdi ko target kiya jaa raha hai. I have never crossed limits. Nasha is not a porn film. It’s a proper mainstream Hindi film. Of course since I star in it, there’s skin show. But that apart there is a lot to take away from the film,” reasoned Poonam.

Do you agree with Poonam, dear BollywoodLifers?