Did Priyanka Chopra refuse to work with Shahid Kapoor in Abhishek Chaubey’s next?

Just a few days back, reports were doing the rounds that Sasha and PeeCee may come together for Abhishek Chaubey’s next film. While the Kapoor lad is very much part of the film, we hear the Exotic babe is not. Did PC refuse to star alongside her alleged ex-lover? Read on to know…

Rumours were rife that ex-lovers Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra could to team up for Abhishek Chaubey’s next Udta Punjab. Yes, at one point the Kaminey co-stars were said to be dating. But Priyanka and Shahid have remained good friends even after parting ways. So this piece of information wasn’t really shocking. But what’s interesting is that filmmaker Abhishek Chaubey hasn’t approached Ms Chopra for his film till now. Yes, you heard that right. The talented director told a leading daily, “I had finished writing the script a few weeks ago and happened to meet Shahid. We started discussing the film, and he showed interest in seeing the script, so I narrated it to him. He’s very excited and we got him onboard immediately. It all happened very quickly.”

As for casting PC as the female lead in the film, Chaubey said, “I haven’t even thought about who I would like to cast. It’s a difficult role, a very complex character, so I haven’t yet wrapped my head around who I want for it. There’s no truth to me having signed Priyanka for the movie.” Okay, so the Ishqiya director hasn’t signed the actor-singer for his next venture. But we know there is no smoke without fire. Maybe he considered offering the film to the Barfi! babe and who knows the dusky beauty may not have shown interest coz of the ‘ex’ factor, hai na? Or Priyanka couldn’t commit to the film coz of her busy schedule. Well, our theory could very well be wrong but what’s the harm in exploring different angles, right peeps?