Did Ranbir Kapoor’s advice to papa Rishi backfire?

Did Ranbir Kapoor’s advice to papa Rishi backfire?

RK Junior may have told RK Senior that not everyone can be a dabangg, but can Ranbir be that, we wonder….

While Ranbir Kapoor may have rocked the box office with so many of his films recently – Rockstar, Barfi!, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – his hugely anticipated Besharam kinda fell flat on its starry face. And his line from the film, said to his father Rishi Kapoor, summed it up. After all, a reputation cannot sustain a star beyond a point if a film is disastrously directionless and blah, can it? And Besharam proved that point with crashing certainty. As Ranbir aka Babli tells Rishi Kapoor urf Chulbul Chautala,

Chulbul naam rakh lene se koi dabbang nahin ban jaata…

Chulbul name by keeping anyone audacious does not become…

If he wants to know how to be dabangg and make it big at the box office, Ranbir needs to ask his not-so-good friend Salman Khan, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube