Did Rani Mukerji’s Aga bai beat Kareena Kapoor’s Halkat jawaani in raunchiness?

Did Rani Mukerji’s Aga bai beat Kareena Kapoor’s Halkat jawaani in raunchiness?

Oomphy and newly bindaas Rani Mukerji’s sizzling Aiyyaa music video gets double the hits that Kareena’s Heroine item number managed

Item numbers score on a few factors, no matter who composes them – peppy music, a hot item girl and the explicitness and raunchiness of the moves that are part of it when it is picturised. And they pull in lots of attention for the girl – or guy – who does them. So everyone wants to be part of at least one such performance, making item number wars not an uncommon happening – remember Munni vs Sheila?

And now, with Rani Mukerji’s Aga bai and Kareena’s Halkat jawaani, it looks like we have another item number war in the making. If numbers are anything to go by then Rani’s Aiyyaa number clearly triumphs over Kareena’s Heroine wiggle-fest.

Both songs were hits on YouTube. And while the Heroine PR machinery has been in full swing, claiming the song managed one million hits in ten days, the hot song from Aiyyaa has accomplished the same feat in only half that time! Aiyyaa’s raunchy new song Aga bai, with Rani’s dancing belly in full and glorious view, has already scored more than a million hits just five days after the video was released online.

The fans are ecstatic and they’ve even realised that there is competition between the two, with one comment clearly saying: “Better than Kareena!” on the video feedback section. Well, the verdict is out now, and it’s Rani’s seasoned moves that have come out on top, against Kareena’s damp squib of a dance act.

What say you, BollywoodLifers? Was it Rani’s superior dance moves that scored, or was it just her dare to bare belly dance act?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • raza

    yeah, rani waz superb, she is the best. she did belly dancing much more gracefully than shakira. vibration sequence is the first of its kind ever.

  • Sourabh Ahuja

    rani wins…

  • Ishq

    Rani belly dancing is just awesome…..

  • sadia

    rani is awesome….
    she is a fab dancer n yea so much better then kareena ….

  • Rudrakash

    my jaw dropper !!!when i saw her 1st time !!
    Rani is literally making all the boy crazy even teenagers to, i m also 17

  • Sudipto Sarker

    No doubt its Rani who pulled it the Best. I would prefer Rani in Aga bai,then munni & sheila & finally bebo’s not so halkat jawani!

  • Rheya

    It’s very odd that Halkat Jawani is compared to Rani’s aga bai. In Halkat Jawani, the steps and dance were so mediocre that I failed to understand why it was so popular. The only thing that saved it was that it was such a good song. In Aga Bai, Rani beats all that Halkats, Munni’s, Sheilas, Razia’s and Laila. Rani is just tooooo good and looks a million bucks.. Her belly dancing moves are an absolute treat to they eyessssss

  • Kanchan

    I love Kareena but I have to say she doesn’t know how to dance. she only knows how to play with the camera and all she does in halkat jawani is to look at the frame thats it. there’s no entertainment in that song at all.
    now Rani is one good entertainer, she’s actually the best for what I know (or maybe she’s the best along with Katrina Kaif!)
    Dreamum Wakeupum and Aga Bhai are two super songs to watch and have fun !!

  • Ash

    OMG!!! Are they seriously asking this- Rani owned Kareena! Her belly dancing was superb!! Love Rani. U have proved that u are truly the Queen of Bollywood!!!

  • iffat

    Rani she is tooooooooo good the best ever nothing can stand infront of her love u rani

  • puza manandhar

    of course RANI!!she has done mindblowing job.on the contrary her actings are flawless..evebthough i couldnt understand why this talented lady has been underrated..but no worries we fans are still alive to liven up your talents

  • Monalisa Das

    Rani’s “Aiyya”‘s aga bai dance is best.
    Her aga bai is better than Kareena’s halkat jawaani.
    Therefore, Rani is best than other.

  • Monalisa Das

    Rani Mukherjee’s Aga Bai beat Kareena Kapoor’s Halkat Jawaani.

  • snehal

    RAnI U R THE QUEEN of bollywood..ur dance is mindboggling..u r more goood than kareena..dance wise n also look wise.U hve done so many challenging films like kuch kuch hota hai,dil bole haddipa(sardar act)Black,bunty n bubli,kabhi alvida na kehna,no one killed jessica,hey shona..u the best always..

  • usama imran

    Rani is nothing in front of kareena , a flop actress

  • nimz

    Are u kidding ? Halkath Jawani song CANNOT even compare or at least a one decimeter close to Aga bai. Rani kicks butts in that song. Kareena? oh please she can’t even come close to Rani :D