Did Salman Khan apologise to Shakti Kapoor in private?

Did Salman Khan apologise to Shakti Kapoor in private?

Shakti Kapoor was asked to stay away from the sets of Bigg Boss 5 on the finale for talking ill about Salman Khan after being evicted from the show

But a li’l birdie now tells us that Shakti, in fact, will be performing with the 12 women who began Bigg Boss 5 with him at the finale. So what changed? Well, there are two possibilities, maybe Salman decided to be the better man and apologised as Shakti had demanded. Yaah right! And we all know the possibility of that ever happening is next to nil. So the other probable reason is that the channel made peace with Shakti and asked him to make an appearance. But our over imaginative brain also suggests that maybe Shakti realised that his tantrums will not be paid any heed here so he apologised and requested Salman to let him make an appearance. Well, let the real reason be anything, the story still remains that Shakti will surely make an appearance on the finale and will indeed shake-a-leg with 12 beautiful women!

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  • Anita

    I am amazed at how things just turn around. People love to blame successful people like Salman Khan who have a strong fan following.
    We love you Salman…..you are the best host on any show you take on. May your talent to entertain always shine.
    You were great on “Dus ka Dum” and you are great on “Bigg Boss”. More power to you……

  • Jargan

    Channel must have done everything for publicity,,, we are feeling really sorry for salman.. coz we love him a lot

  • Tango

    Its gradually turning out that Salman is innocent and media has created the stories. But Salman is TIGER HEARTED, he is very much composed all these while. We support you till the end

  • Adam

    Just because Salman was blamed so much, he has decided not to be a part of Big Boss 6. Instead, he would be back on Dus Ka Dum…Poor guy. This all hype was created by media (very cheap). Now the channel will understand what it is to lose a jem of a host as their TRP’s are gonna get shattered. Sony has also decided to bring the rights of Dabangg and Dabangg 2. Yeppeee. back to Dus ka Dum.

    Pooja Bedi – U F____ Hore. I have never seen a shameless women like u. Even rakhi sawant and veena malik are better when compared to u.

  • sam,eer

    pooja bedi mad grown up cow . she cant understand in words we need to kick her and ask her to ask innocent salman bhi sorry ,i dont thing her husband did something wrong by leaving her,if dont change a bit then sure that day will come her kids will also leave her, pooja bedi kids dont fallow ur moms footsteps she is shameless

  • NDA124

    old fart(pooja bedi)
    she is in love with sky
    what a blindness of love
    accepting all negativity