Did Salman Khan cheat on Sangeeta Bijlani?

The Dabangg Khan is the most sought after bachelor in B-town, quiz him about marriage and he might be irked. Karan Johar managed to get Salman tell us why marriage is not his cup of coffee

Salman Khan on Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan 4 was a delight. We got to see the actor at his candid best; a pat on KJo’s back for actually spilling the beans the the ultimate lover boy’s love life. So Salman Khan did come close to marriage, but now marriage is like sour grapes for the eternal bachelor of Bollywood. When Karan Johar quizzed Sallu about marriage, the actor was clearly disinterested, stating that people often got cold feet with the thought of spending a lifetime with him. When KJo probed further, Salman confessed that he was almost about to marry Sangeeta Bijlani, “The cards and all were printed.” To which pat came came Karan’s reaction, “Did she catch you?” Salman clearly had not expected such open talk on personal matters on national television.

Finally even the Dabangg actor admitted, “Yeah kind of…” Karan didn’t end his interrogation there he went on to ask if he was caught often and Sallu did admit, “I get caught, I am stupid.” On probing further Sallu added, “I don’t get caught often I lie nowadays. I just deny the whole thing, I just lie. I swear. I also tell people that if you want to get into relationship right now,  I’m not ready for any kind of serious commitment. I’m not the most correct person to be with the way I’m right now.”

While in the later part of this interview Sallu did tell that he is not in a relationship until he’s married, we wonder if SK has borrowed this politically correct statement from his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif, na peeps?