Did Salman Khan hug Shahrukh Khan for the promotions of Jai Ho?

Posted Fri, January 17, 2014 11:52am IST

You may find this conclusion a bit bizarre. But read on to know the full story

At the star-studded night of Star Guild Awards 2014, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hugged yet again. To those who missed, the two Khans, who have been arch rivals for the longest, were spotted hugging each other at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party last year.

Reportedly Shahrukh won the Best Entertainer of the Year award and on receiving the award, SRK hugged Sallu. SRK then said, “It feels special to get the award in the company of Salman, one of the greatest entertainers the country has ever seen.”

Well, when one Khan is so nice towards the other, obviously the other one has to reciprocate the friendly feelings, no? So we hear that our Dabangg dude asked King Khan to say Jai Ho! Well, well, imagine Shahrukh directly promoting his arch rival, Salman’s film. Did SRK happily oblige? We hear that Shahrukh raised his hand as if in agreement to Sallu’s demand.

In the past, when the duo had hugged, it was before the release of Shahrukh’s Chennai Express. This time around, it is just before the release of Salman Khan’s Jai Ho, which hits the theatres on January 24. So do these two Khans of B-town plan their hugs around their film’s release, we wonder. Wink, wink!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Preety kaur

    oh get lost u fucking media .. his justure was really great salman hugged srk for real
    salman has no insecurity at all .. he is golden hearted man aagter hugging srk it he proved ance again dat he is great human being humanity matters ..
    n i respect SRK TOO .. Respect for both

  • restate

    What’s such a big deal if two stars hug each other at award function .
    Both of them are professional so its a normal gesture .
    Media Is just playing games here ….
    Who Is gud hearted and who Is not doesn’t need any debate ………
    There is no need for srk or SK fans to make a debate here

    • Shalu

      @restate:disqus Thanks for sending a peaceful message finally….. As if this world was getting divided between these 2 actors….we have to choose between them if we had to survive. …now we can sleep peacefully….u saved the day…:p

  • Mahady Hasan

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  • Shatta Abdulla

    Frankly, the comments of some people very silly and inane

  • Shatta Abdulla

    The disadvantage of this word of God, I want to know Leach shameless this hatred and hatred for the Shah Rukh Khan is not worthy of all this talk, but Petty says God protects you Aacharo I love many shah rukh khan

    • Down-to-earth

      STOP!!! Anything and everything in this world looks negativity against Shahrukh khan to u. Nobody has badmouthed him but u have got some preaching to do?? This earth does not exactly revolve around SRK and neither it stops revolving if u stop liking him. u actually have tendency to swear a lot. Swearing is something that people usually regret afterwards. Coming back to the topic, SRK is just a hindi movie actor and he is known to us by the virtue of his profession and there are as many flaws in him just like u have in ur writing style. So please keep ur admiration to the professional front and don’t extend it to his personal life. You never know how these industry actors are in their real life and how many skeletons lying in their closet. By this, i don’t necessarily mean SRK, but all the other actors too. There are several shocking incidents of the hindi film industry that u are simply not aware of.

  • KING P4NK4J !

    haha….Obviously yr….Everyone needs KING SRK to promote every product….;)…Baap Baap Hota he Salman….:D….SRK The Boss Of Indian Cinema….m/….SRK ur God….:)…

  • ashna

    Guys why r you wasting ur times on fighting for these actors who hardly know that u exist? They hav done a lot in their lives. So u too rather fighting for srk n sk, do good for parentsss . … please… grow up

  • Rnoela Lorraine

    There you go again putting a negative swing on a great event. Well, if Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan time their hugging episodes with their new movies coming out, then that shows they are in sync with one another and collaborating for each other’s benefit. I’m all for that. Besides it’s the business of show business. Celebrate it and enjoy it!

  • Shoaib Sayed

    he has always came to srk,,bheek mangne aa hi jata hain lallu,,

  • Shoaib Sayed

    srk is a proudy man ,,,,he never goes to him yehi chutiye ki tareh ata hain qke iss chutiye ne sab se zabardasti k pange liye almost wid half of d industry,,,lallu salman wants to luk unigue aur bhaiyeh jahil fans b tow bolte hain bhaijaan hath k hain lol hahahahah

  • Shoaib Sayed

    srk yr iss chutiye se q mile phir se?kutte ki dhum sedhi hui hain kabhi?criminal se dosti kar k khud ki image giravge,,,avoid kr rahe the isko woi hi accha tha,,,he is bevda no1..

  • Shoaib Sayed

    vivek ne salman se maafi mangi aur ab salman khud srk se maafi maanga,,baap baap hota hain lallu salman…

  • Sudheer Yadav

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  • anonymous


  • thinkexists

    haaha like seriously you guys think Salman khan needs some1 else to promote his movies , after giving 5 back to back hits haaha. From the last few years in all interviews/article people just say salmans khans name to promote themselves. If they dont have anything to say then media would ask them some irrelevant question to the artists about salman khan and then they would name the article .. “” ____ said salman khan __ __ ” and when you read the article you wonder what has that got to do with Salman khan. Very misleading titles just to gain popularity. This gesture was just a go with the flow of that nights function where salman khan was the host.What is the host of a function supposed to do when encountered with an awkward situation. Handling it with a tint of humor is the best way and maybe that was what he could come up with at that moment. but there goes media turning it against the actor for no reason.