Did Salman Khan marry Katrina Kaif?

Did Salman Khan marry Katrina Kaif?

In Ek Tha Tiger, not in real life, we mean! Watch the scenes of this super-successful film that didn’t make it to the final cut

When the Dabangg dude has a mock church marriage with his ‘tigress’ we all went awwww…. There is no doubt that Kabir Khan’s Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif-starrer Ek Tha Tiger is one of the biggest hits of 2012.

It is also perhaps the first Salman film in recent times that has garnered good reviews from the critics as well the audiences. Now the makers have released a few deleted scenes from ETT, and we enjoyed them. And we would have loved to see them in the actual film, too! Our favourite is the one in which Sallu has a mock church wedding with Katrina. It made us go awww… the couple is truly made for each other!

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  • imran

    no he wont marry,becoz i want to marry

    • sajad

      sallu side may rahu may hu na…………..plz………..

      • laddisander

        but very best Ranveer kappor with katrina kaif best jodi

        • bolly 100ù

          la verite c que salman khan et rani mukherjee construit un coupla tres magnifique

          • F.A Kumar

            Why wont Salman marry? He lost all the beautiful woman,Katrina is so lovely,so cool,so beautiful. Salman,i think it high time u marry and prove to us that u are not gay or that u are a human. Else we are thinking u are not real. Come buddy,u are handsome,very handso me go for Katrina,u guyz look so cool together. Go on and MARRY PLS PLS!!!!!!

  • sallufan

    thats from ETT movie ..u guys

    • rahamat ali

      helo sallu vai eak tha tiger ne to kamal kardeya he


    Sallu is a gay so he wil nt marry.

    • Jai

      How can you be so sure? I bet he did something dodgey with you that is why you are so sure, but i guess than you are gay as well.

  • sagnik

    salma khan and katrita kaif are the best couple in world…
    and i want to see that they will marry each other.

  • ram

    salman and katria are best couple in bollywood both in on and off screen…

  • pragya

    Katrina and Salman look perfect together, i think they should get married soon.

    • adeel arsalan

      salman khan and katrina kaif are the best couple in the world

  • binisha

    salmam n katrina r really made 4 eachother so they have 2 get married n spend whole life 2gether.my bst wishes r alwz wid them.lov u both.

    • waheed khan

      its right they r made for each other

  • jitu

    hello salman katrina

    • jitu

      salman apse saddi kerega

    • Malik Salman

      kis se g

    • shema

      hi salman abhe to aap koi kam keh bhe nahi aathe aab to aap bohot bohot boda hogea ho shade karna hai to nahe kerna to baad pasheman ho jao ge

  • shahzain

    salman bhI KBb kr rahy hoo shadi ketrina say date do0 na plzz

  • Shaharyar khan

    Sulman kb shadi kr rh h katrina sai a6a na kuro koye bt ni.

  • javed

    salman bhai katrina se saadi mat karna

  • kashif ali

    salman khan and katrina kaif are the best couple in the world

  • Raja

    vai ab to shadi karlo pls…………



  • Hubaib(Psychology)

    Kitrina kaif salman bhai se shadi karlo tum dunu best judi hai in the world ALLAH tum dunu ko sahe salaamat rake ye mere taraf se dua. Allah in dunu ek saat milalo AAMEEN.

  • Rafi

    Salman bhai I’m sry plz u should mrry kartina she love u so much nd i also love u both so much so plz plz mrry soon.

  • jai khan

    Hi.salman,you r a perfect actor and u will become more perfect than now if you make katrina ur life partner because she very.. .nice&cute.I like her,so much through.ur side.Besides,she more educated than others.the couple of salman n katrina is unique in the world.