Did Salman Khan sizzle or fizzle at the Bigg Boss launch?

Salman launched the seventh season of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss yesterday

Salman Khan is back on the tube with the seventh season of Bigg Boss and this time he promises to bring out the best and the worst in you. This year, Bigg Boss brings together the angelic and the demonic elements of its contestants.

At the launch event, Salman Khan made a grand entrance on stage. He looked dapper in black, with two wings – one is a white wing symbolising good and the angel side while the other was a fire wing symbolic of the devil’s side. To the delight of the gathering, Salman showed off his Dabangg dance moves on stage. Clearly this was the perfect opportunity for Sallu bhai to flex some muscles because from quite a few months, he has been in the news only for his court cases and love affairs.

While we got to see the good side of Salman during the event but at the same time, we also got to see the wicked side of him. From poking fun at the reporters, to playing some bizarre games to cracking some mean jokes, the eternal bachelor did it all. We must say that he was at his wicked best.

Now, we really wonder, was all this a part of promotional strategy or was Salman really wicked?