Did Shahrukh Khan not attend the Filmfare awards because of Salman Khan?

Mon, January 27, 2014 5:00pm IST by
Did Shahrukh Khan not attend the Filmfare awards because of Salman Khan?
Yogen Shah

The two warring Khans of Bollywood managed to avoid each other yet again

Salman Khan, took everyone by surprise when he walked the red carpet of the recently held 59th Annual Filmfare Awards after 15 long years. That’s not all! The Dabangg Khan even performed on his hit songs and got the most number of catcalls for his energetic dance performance. With his grand appearance and maverick performance, Salman surely beat his arch rival Shahrukh Khan, who was not even present at the Filmfare Awards this year. Reportedly, SRK didn’t wanted to share the same space with Salman and wanted to avoid a media clash. Or did he not intend to share an awkward hug again like he did at Star Guild Awards? Well, as they say, two swords cannot fit into one sheath. Did you think so too?

But apparently, that’s not the case. Recently, we had told you that SRK injured himself quite badly at the sets of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. And according to his family and friends, that’s the only reason why he gave the awards a miss.

Anyway, since Shahrukh, who has been a Filmfare regular could not be present at the awards night, it ultimately helped Salman, as he hogged all the limelight. With that he also managed to get some publicity for his recently released film Jai Ho.

All of this makes us wonder if Sallu will now replace SRK as the favourite Khan of Filmfare Awards. Hmmm… Do you think like we do peeps? Wink!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Shatta Abdulla

    O ye Adeimun life Bollywood sensation Salman Shaw relationship go to a concert Filmfare if Shah Rukh Khan was in good health Amkanth go instead of Salman you are very stupid people

  • Shatta Abdulla

    Frankly, the subject of Bollywood life very insignificant and subservient you are a group of idiots

  • Shatta Abdulla

    Frankly, this better not be a SRK party farce and very very insignificant either go Salman Khan is the epitome of rudeness is a major cause of injury SRK Hey Hey idiots Bollywood life because Mavi Topics good life in Bollywood, but lies

  • AB

    How about doing research on where to put your commas, instead? Someone needs grammar lessons, do they? :)

  • anon

    it’s seen everywhere that shahrukh khan hurt himself during his movie shooting. why wud he miss it else? he attented the guild awards knowing that salman would be there. would be great if everything stopped being about trying to create something between the two khans