Did Shahrukh Khan really get dirty for ‘Don 2′?

Did Shahrukh Khan really get dirty for ‘Don 2′?

Apparently King Khan smilingly jumped into mucky waters and stayed in dirty environs in a jail for a pivotal sequence for Don 2. While the film’s team is pleasantly surprised with the superstar’s graciousness,we think it’s no big deal!

The cast and crew of Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2 can’t stop gushing over Shahrukh Khan’s magnanimous attitude. No, it’s not because of any act of kindness on his part, but the simple fact that he accepted all the troubles that came with his cool villain role with grace. First, he grew a grubby beard and sported disheveled shoulder-length hair for the film. By the way, the superstar has said in interviews that growing facial hair is one of the toughest things to do for him. Second, King Khan jumped into muddy waters, slept on dirty floors and shot in a real prison amidst real-life inmates for an important jail sequence. And even then he didn’t whine, something that stars are usually known to do. At first, we too joined the team of Don 2 in praising the superstar’s humility and willingness to do away with luxuries. However, we changed our minds when we found out the truth. Farhan shot at the well-maintained Malacca prison on Malaysian soil, we found out the real truth. If you watch the promos, you will notice that the Malaysian prison looks as nice as an Indian mid-range hotel. Had Farhan chosen to get his superstar to shoot in the dark, dingy and rodent-infested jails of a Third World country, we would consider it a big feat! By the way aren’t the big bucks worth a little muck? Anyway don’t you agree there is nothing to rave about in this matter?Subscribe to me on YouTube


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    Dear Shahrukh Khan dnt do any remakes of south india movies atleast you…… if you agree then no use of bollywood at all

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    hey, i am just asking this…who the hell made u guys as journalists? pls have some self respect and proper knowledge and lean the subject, what a load of crap man….pls learn .