Did Shahrukh Khan’s bodyguard misbehave with a lady?

King Khan’s bodyguard Ravi apparently pushed a Marathi actor at an award function

Every time we have bumped into Shahrukh Khan we have invariably encountered this giant of a hulk called Ravi before we could walk up to the superstar. SRK’s bodyguard is massively built and looks like a giant pole that guards the superstar’s privacy almost single-handedly with utter diligence. The otherwise cool headed and genuinely well behaved Ravi has now found himself in the eye of a storm.

According to reports, Ravi was detained at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) police station for about two hours for misbehaving with a woman and stopping her from entering the backstage area of an awards function held on Tuesday.

Sharvari, a Marathi actor, lodged a complaint with BKC police station. According to her complaint, Ravi stopped her from entering the area even though she had an all-area access pass with her. Apparently she was pushed forcefully and she fell on the ground.

Sources say when SRK arrived at the venue; the crowd started gathering near the backstage when the incident happened. The cops didn’t find Ravi guilty of any improper behaviour as some people maintained that it was Sharavi who misbehaved with the superstar’s staff in the first place.

This news has come as shocker to us for SRK’s bodyguards, including Ravi, are believed to be very considerate and cool compared to the security staff of a certain bhai of B-town!