Did Shahrukh Khan’s bodyguard misbehave with a lady?

Thu, January 16, 2014 3:50pm IST by
Did Shahrukh Khan’s bodyguard misbehave with a lady?

King Khan’s bodyguard Ravi apparently pushed a Marathi actor at an award function

Every time we have bumped into Shahrukh Khan we have invariably encountered this giant of a hulk called Ravi before we could walk up to the superstar. SRK’s bodyguard is massively built and looks like a giant pole that guards the superstar’s privacy almost single-handedly with utter diligence. The otherwise cool headed and genuinely well behaved Ravi has now found himself in the eye of a storm.

According to reports, Ravi was detained at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) police station for about two hours for misbehaving with a woman and stopping her from entering the backstage area of an awards function held on Tuesday.

Sharvari, a Marathi actor, lodged a complaint with BKC police station. According to her complaint, Ravi stopped her from entering the area even though she had an all-area access pass with her. Apparently she was pushed forcefully and she fell on the ground.

Sources say when SRK arrived at the venue; the crowd started gathering near the backstage when the incident happened. The cops didn’t find Ravi guilty of any improper behaviour as some people maintained that it was Sharavi who misbehaved with the superstar’s staff in the first place.

This news has come as shocker to us for SRK’s bodyguards, including Ravi, are believed to be very considerate and cool compared to the security staff of a certain bhai of B-town!

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  • Shatta Abdulla

    I want to know Why focus on the bodyguard of Shah Rukh Khan in particular pal people are the ones who caused the problems in particular and the Indian media, which says the lies and rumors about Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan I am in everything

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    You they should thank God that these fucking arrogant shahrukh khan is no in forgin
    Country otherwise they would give their whole life in compansate but why is that lady to see srgay he is just an over acting actor that is all who keeps buying awards
    But a Amair and Salman already show him his place

    • Guest

      you blady fucker faqri shut ur mouth aamir ke lowde salman ke jhant

    • Balance

      His place is at Mannat!! And he Never Ever seek any attention my dear!! All our attentions are always with him!! Even you, you fool you can not ignore him!!

    • restate

      Yes you are right …amir and salman showed him his place ant that place Is the slot of undisputed king of Hollywood ….international global icon ….more than two billion fans …richest actor in the world …most famous actor on earth according to CNN and BBC ….
      Yes thanks to SK and amir …right ?
      So where do these two actors stand ?

  • sana

    Faqiri PLZ we know everything about that criminal lallu what he did in past everyone knows about it and this is Not king khan fault this is his bodyguard fault so think before speaking Idiot aamir ke chamche

  • Arvind

    I do not know why he so badly wants to grab attention either through bodyguard or messing up with security guard. Looks like he is addicted to free publicity. Before he was not so arrogant. There is something or the other that keeps popping about him all the time. Media only makes news when there is something big but here he wants to cause a ripple effect either by giving shocking statements like (where he said that he has more feminine mannerisms) or creating ugly scenarios like this. He has turned himself to be attention hog. It is quite disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    LOL is he a bodyguard or Gay Partner ????

    • Balance

      You seems like someone who doesn’t understand what was written above. So what if the lady behaves badly?? What if the the bodyguard was simply doing his job?? What if he pushed her unintentionally?? So you just read SRK’s name and you start abusing him?? What is wrong with you?? Don’t be blinded by hate. Even the police have send him free. Where is the problem?? Don’t be a law life!!

      • Tina

        OMG!!! Are u on some drugs? What is this “What if he pushed her intentionally, What If the bodyguard was simply doing the job, What is wrong with u”"and worst of all “Don’t be blinded by HATE…..LMAO….Join some t.v. serial, i bet u will win all the awards for being drama queen.

        • Balance

          You comment the same things again and again!! What if you are learning this “Drama Queen” thing since yesterday?? I just want to explain some possibilities before any conclusion. Where is the Drama part of it?? By the way I prefer being a Comedy Queen!!

          • Tina

            U were writing old hindi movie dialogues and asking how it was a drama. Get urself checked first. There is no need to go into such extremes.. Yes you are a joker..

        • sana

          Tina ki bachi what is Problem i think Ur a Fan of that criminal or that aamir Fan thats why u staarted abusing srk but if u dont like him then stop searching for srk and stop reading Artical about him Idiot

    • Sid

      Dude Jha pe salman Shera ki bat nhi Ho rhi..Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Shatta Abdulla

    The disadvantage of this talk SRK is arrogant on every one of literature and ethics SRK bigger than words and silly trifle of a few people, not even ethics literature

    • Meher

      That’s coz people with knowledge and literature have much better things to do then wasting their time on arguing with petty person like u.. . u can keep ur tongue inside ur mouth instead of opening ur mouth and sound dumber. Only If u like to talk about ur favorite star, then go ahead and talk about it, u can’t question other morals and ethics by acting like a moral police over here u don’t realize u r just degrading people and disrespecting people’s opinions. Everyone here has right to express their opinion and that’s it..

  • Sid

    If people present their said it was sharavi’s fault.. she misbehaved with superstar’s staff…. cops found ravi innocent.. Then wt can we say.. we nvr heard any bad thing abt ravi.. What i found on net he is very humble cool headed person .. May be she want publicity .. thts why whole drama…

  • Sid

    Yes he is not like salman bhai n his staff.. Salman once thrown fan’s cell away just for clicking his pics.. #loser Then he issued guidelines… -> admire me from far ..Dnt come near me n touch me. Jaise Kachi Miti ka bna ho.. Hath lgane se toot jayega…

    • Rani

      If u don’t like Salman then dont just start spreading veil rumors about him. He personally meets and autographs his fans here IN MY CITY. He is also well behaved star. This is about SRK’s bodyguard so just stick to the topic. Why are you dragging Salman here?? There is no single day when i see SRK fans dragging Salman’s name on irrelevant topics and unrelated to him and make stupid comparisons.

  • restate

    Even srk body guard it seems has become a celebrity …but for sure srk as well as his body guards are well behaved and level headed gentlemen …….mistake sure is of the other party that’s y police didn’t file FIR…
    Srk is the most well behaved actor and really cares about his fans …that’s y command the biggest fan following in the world …
    There is no debate here to compare srk and SK body guards