Did you know…Priyanka Chopra’s role of Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani was earlier offered to Rani Mukerji!

Did you know…Priyanka Chopra’s role of Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani was earlier offered to Rani Mukerji!

The Mardaani actress refused the role as she didn’t want to play a second lead

While it isn’t a lesser known fact that Priyanka Chopra has been working hard to prepare for her role of Kashibai in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani, not many know that the coveted role was earlier offered to Rani Mukerji.

SLB’s Bajirao Mastani was planned eight yeas back when actresses Kareena Kapoor Khan and Rani Mukerji were shortlisted to play the roles of Mastani and Kashibai respectively, however the film was never made. Moreover, Aditya Chopra’s wifey had refused the film as she didn’t want to play a second lead.

However, when the film was again being made Kashibai was then offered to the Exotic babe. Sources confirm that it was re-written to match PC’s stature as an actor and a star. As reported in an entertainment portal a source close to the project said,”Kashibai’s role according to SLB’s script was never a walk-over, not even 8 years ago when Kareena Kapoor was to play Mastani and Rani Mukerji was to play Kashibai. Now with Deepika (Padukone) and Priyanka playing the two parts, SLB has modified the characters accordingly.”

While Rani refused to play the second lead, we suggest she take some cue from the Gunday actress considering the younger lot have now begun to prioritise quality roles over length. Way to go Ms Chopra!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • কৌশিক

    You have no idea, do you? Rani Mukerji never rejected Kashi Bai’s role. She was the only fixed cast member of the movie. Get your facts right before churning out baseless articles & giving stupid opinions.

    • preeti

      I agree!

  • yazz

    its kareena who accepted n rejected the role like she did with ram lela

    • Preeti

      bebo is married now ..she makes wiser decisions than accepting every leftover film

  • M

    Hello, morons, she said yes, each time she was offered, even as the other cast members changed.The film was scrapped. When has she ever been afraid to play second fiddle & steal the show?

  • Abdul Rahman Khan

    Brush up ur stats u moron..she nvr said no to dt role..it was Bhansali who wntd salman n kareena to b tgdr fr d frst tym vd ds movie bt vn dey did Kyunki tgdr he chngd hs mind…rani was d nly fxd cast…fr proof go n watch Koffee vd Karan season 1 aish-bhansali episode….n plzZ stop writing such dumb articles..

    • PreetI

      these are all bi-ased media wale

  • simran

    it was very earlier reported about rani being in bjirao….
    but now as rs-dp are in film so definitely rani cannot be casted in this film