Did you know Shahrukh Khan was poor in English?

Did you know Shahrukh Khan was poor in English?

We discovered this little known fact from a photograph of the superstar’s admission form that has been doing the rounds in the virtual world

The next time you are reprimanded for your English reading or writing skills, say you are talking to the future Shahrukh Khan! Want to know why we are saying this? Well, we stumbled upon a photograph of the superstar’s admission form, applying to the Bachelor of Arts course at Hansraj College, Delhi’s well-known educational institute. And we thought it was quite ironical that SRK, who is known to have a way with words and is said to be an avid reader, was actually just about average in English back in school. While he scored highest in Electronics, which apparently was one of his favourite subjects, he scored a meagre 51 out of 100 in English, in his 12th grade exams. Isn’t that shocking? Especially since, anyone who has interacted with him or has been to press conferences held by the Badshah of Bollywood can vouch that his poor English skills have not been obvious even once.

SRK is not only an erudite speaker but articulate, funny, sometimes sarcastic and always entertaining. Was his communicative finesse an inherent quality that got honed over the years or a skill he acquired at the illustrious Jamia Millia Islamia where he studied mass communication? We are not sure. What we do know is that this superstar has the habit of achieving whatever he sets his heart on. So all you people out there who suck at English, please take a cue from the King Khan!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • tasiu

    shaurukhan you are my best actor kaduna state

  • Alok

    This is not your exclusive story.It was published yesterday in a facebook page.

  • Monkeys

    There you guys go again poking shots at the King.
    As if you guys were straight A students when you were in school? Everyone has their flaws. I’m sure as hell he can speak better English than you now, editor. Who seems to have no life whatsoever and can’t keep his/her head out of other peoples affairs. Seriously, get a life.

  • Nikeeta

    Why do you guys feel the need to poke on Shahrukh almost everyday, even when the news isn’t as big as this one. If you’re going to put this up, then you should probably also put on other people’s grades too

  • Ollie

    What does it matter what his English ability was when he was 20 as that was 26 years ago. His English at 20 was no doubt better than the author of this story is now. Shahrukh is very articulate and well spoken in English, far better than the other Bollywood male actors.

  • saboor

    Its not 51.. Dont pity..

    Its 57..

  • Bhavik

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  • kunal gomes

    srk studied at d best english speaking school ie st columbas school delhi. d best catholic school in india ,. he was best at english speaking skiils and average at writing skiils . speaking matters not writing.